Podcast Organization Thread MK III: Wild City Destruction


both funny bad and the most hilarious celebration of failure is beyond two souls: rudie edition


IWBTG’s influence, Jinsei Owata no Daibouken, was also about comedy through difficulty and subversion, if I understand correctly.


I’m very sorry, but if you’re going to talk about comedy in game mechanics, you will need to talk about streamers/youtubers


The death knell


A few years ago I wrote up several pages of thoughts about comedy in LucasArts games for an episode, but I think that podcast was just about adventure games


There we go, that’s the connection i wasn’t making.

Maybe we can go back to SMB Lost Levels for failure as comedy, because those springs that shoot you halfway into space are fucking hilarious


I cannot BELIEVE you were holding out on us that bad, what the hell


You know that notes are useless on a podcast


Would y’all be interested in a guncast? People could talk about particular guns, fictional or simulated, different levels of ballistic simulation, etc. Alternatively, a series of clips of posters talking about their favorite videoguns would be a neat collage.


I could record a clip about the cerebral bore from turok 2, and would def listen to this


This has come up several times.

I’m afraid any involvement from me would be incredibly obnoxious.


I mean

I love being obnoxious


how much of the podcast will be dedicated to the ballistic modelling of jagged alliance 2


how about the bullet drop and wind modeling in PROJECT I.G.I.


JA2 has bullet drop modelling! (Its not exactly realistic but the fact that it exists at all in a 2d game is astounding)


What even was going on with that fuckin game


I mean with the number of mass shootings particularly todays a topic praising guns makes me feel ill.


I remember reading a preview noting that the team had only made flight sims and wanted to get in on Quake turf.

Looking back it seems like convergent evolution to the open-level planning/stealth/varied engagement shooters like Operation Flashpoint and even Far Cry. It’s been my jam for a long time but lately, like Total War games, I’ve burned out as I feel I’ve mostly optimized my way around a pretty static set of problems.


Index and I have started talking about doing an episode on trans games and that shit is 100% happening so let us know if you want in