Who else is trying this out.

I feel like we should all try to kill eachother!

With frying pans…

You can make a character and dress them up, but honestly the options are pretty darn limited.

I look pretty good though


I hope that other people post in this thread because otherwise it will just turn into me posting clips of incredibly stupid stuff I do.


ur hair is dumb.



You and Nick Robinson appear to have the same taste in characters.

I feel like I would theoretically play this? It looks fun, but it’s a thirty bucko multiplayer and I habitually put off games until no one plays them anymore. Does this game have solo/bot play?

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Unfortunate! It does seem like bot play would miss out on what makes the game great, though.

people keep trying to get me to get this but I don’t like death match I like camaraderie

Yeah same. Is there some kinda co-op at least?

Are the earlier mod versions / similar things cheaper / free?

if I understand correctly you can do teams

it may ultimately come down to you fighting to the death against each other at the end of the world, but at that point, it’s romantic

You can do two person teams, and three to four person squads. You don’t have to fight to the death in the end. It’s pretty good Co op!

you co-op against man.

You can play in squad modes of up to 4 people apparently

So, 10 of you have this already. I have it since yesterday. I don’t know how active y’all are anymore. I’d like to play duo or squad, though. Let’s see who’s interested - show off hands!

I’m interested. I picked this up before the weekend and I am still playing. This week might be a bit difficult for me to find time but hopefully we can play together at some point.

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Still obsessing over this. My mother-in-law is in town until Saturday though, then I’ve got DND on Sunday, so maybe next next weekend??? Let’s get a squad together

some good PUBGing:


That entire stream series is what got me to purchase the game

I’d be down soon.

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this is the best MMO horror game

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