GUN GUYS 2018: the shootening


thread for generic fps/tps type shooters, not deserving of their own thread.

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so one thing i got into recently was the more realistic sim-style shooters. my friend rly likes red orchestra 2, roleplaying a squad gunner. he linked me this game SQUAD which looks kind of neat:

i like the kind of tactile bodyfeel of this thing.


seeing your legs : FPS :: fading brakelights : driving games


Play F.E.A.R.


It’s on my to-stream list!


Have you played Titanfall 2? The campaign is real fun and breezy and full of first person body feel.


This channel is pretty underwhelming but this video essay is alright and encompasses quite a bit. Play the first game and its first expansion, Extraction Point, and you can safely ignore the rest.

For me F.E.A.R. is as close to essential first-person shooters have gotten since id’s 90s run, aside from HALO nailing how to make them engaging, distinct and effortlessly playable on consoles, and I say this as someone who has made their peace with being a shooter player. How do you build the design beyond Quake? Dynamic lighting, abstract level design but emulating recognisable locations this time to really sell the ambience of a nightmare, combat that hinges on mobility and adapting to a reactive, expressive force and yes, a further grounded player avatar. It also helps if both your action and horror influences explore outside of Western staples, and if the horror is also foundational to the pacing and tone of the game rather than just being an aesthetic.

If only it had become the template for military-themed shooters rather than Call of Duty. Where are the modding tools so I can make a Frozen Synapse theme?


Have not, waiting for a sale tbh


Halo 2 is the game that taught me how important feet are, and it is forever in my heart for that.


I just want to take a moment to rep for the slide maneuver in Far Cry 2


Anyone play the Titanfall 2 campaign? It was fun.


FEAR is pretty rad. I’ve always wondered if any of the Blood team was still around at Monolith to have worked on it.

The Club is my favorite realistic gun based shooter.


The current combat lead worked on CLAW


There are about a dozen people out of 200 who’ve been around since 1997, so it’s very possible. I think Craig Hubbard is the main connection; ‘level design’ in Blood and then Monolith’s Creative Director until the dark days of Gotham City Imposters (the short of it is: merging with Snowblind and Surreal Software as “WB Games Seattle” destroyed them for about 5 years until they reasserted the Monolith identity and settled on making a Batman/Assassin’s/systemic narrative game).


Yeah, it’s one of the most exciting things to happen in the genre in a long time so of course it hasn’t made it big.


Man, I enjoyed that game enough to buy it when it was not F2P, but good lord that was never going to succeed.


I’m still curious about pre Nu Wolfenstein, the one with the dimension-phasing. It’s the only entry in the series (not counting the reallll old non-FPS game) that I’ve missed.

Also Singularity which seems like the spiritual successor to Time Shift in the “Games aping Half-Life 2” subgenre.


Didn’t help that there was a critical networking bug they knew about before launch; they couldn’t get a month delay from WB to fix it, and it took another month for the patch to ship. Poison for a live game.


I’m actually interested in getting Squad, mainly because I miss my military training. :confused:

Other than that, SP shooters are pretty lame these days. Death of shooters as a PC-exclusive thing fucked it all up.

Not to mention the tragedy that is death of tactical SP shooters.

F.E.A.R. is cool. Apparently there’s level editor tools out in the wild. Actually was considering making some SP maps for it myself at some point.



omg that modular gunporn


Gotham City Imposters Is/was my ideal loadout based shooter. Very few things felt superfluous. Nearly every thing felt like it had a purpose to fill with out to much crossover. Not to mention all the movement options, grapple hooks, gliders, rollerskates, double jumps. There were a lot of playstyles to lab out and most felt valid for pubbing.