Op/Intro/Ed/Credits Sequences that RIP

Hit me with the best intro/opening and ending/credits sequences you’ve got.

Can be TV shows, cartoons, anime, video games, whatever, just has to BLAST FAT ROPE (intros/eds that are just generally pleasing or fun are also acceptable)

Edit: Similar threads are @meauxdal’s Opening Cutscene thread and Sleazy’s The Saturday Morning Cartoon Intro thread.

(The Japanese one is also good)


Been meaning to do a longer post on how weird and bad the 90’s War of the Worlds series was, but in season 2 they tried rebooting the whole thing awkwardly, and while it was less bad in some ways, it was mostly still very bad.

The exception, however, was this kickass intro sequence that like, nothing in this sequence ever gets touched upon in the actual show:




God that one’s good. I gotta finish Space Cobra.

the end of the series is…ahaha


There’s this Italian opening for some Monkey adaptation that was in the animeclub that I can’t find that’s wicked.

QIAN NIAN DENG YI HUIII :metal: :metal: :metal:

i remember absolutely nothing about this anime except the wicked opening song


the back-up vocalists are what make this slam (darkwing, darkwing, DUCK)

This was supposed to be the theme song for Resident Evil, I don’t know if it counts because it’s only in a small portion of the intro, but I love it because it also has back-up vocalists doing fun shit.
Hell yeaaah.
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This one probably isn’t going to get me any fans but damn is the opening to P4 good:


serious ps2 compression on this video, can’t find a cleaner source sadly. I like my memory of the first time watching this because seeing Yuna as a pop star and thinking Payne was the same character as Lulu had me wondering wtf happens in the latter half of FFX I never finished until I was like 24.
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It’s so good and it’s amazing how much worse (and illustrative of… something) the Persona 4 Golden one is.

I haven’t actually watched L Gaim, but its OP makes me feel so good:

The visuals aren’t that exciting, but the Ideon ED is one of my favorite songs in anime

Every Eureka Seven OP:


Season 1’s opening is also good but has a totally different tone of melancholy and creepy mystery to it, feels more threatening and menacingly sublime like a God whose whims you’re subject to but can never understand.

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Is Victory Gundam a mess? It sure is! Is its first OP? NO!

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Oh every Yuasa show

Giant robot OPs are just my biggest media comfort food, if that wasn’t already suggested. When i get drunk I tend to send them to friends


this show is terrible but the button pressing, the cockpit huds, slamming the throttle in sync to the synth orchestra hits…!


A neat thing about this Gundam 00 ED is that it’s a sequel to the 3rd ED, which I don’t like nearly as well, but images from that one lead directly into this one and it’s so cathartic.

all my taste in OPs was developed in doing research for an '80s mech pastiche

this was a super-early test and we never thought we could get this song but damn if I don’t still open it up every once in a while to get pumped about VIDEO GAMES, Y’ALL

(this wasn’t quite as cliched and overdone in 2012 I swear)