The Saturday Morning Cartoon Intro


what are the games with an upbeat melodramatic english language vocal theme song about heroes and the power of friendship







Is there room for the weird case of Megaman X4

The English version doesn’t have any vocals, but feels like a cartoon

The Japanese version has inappropriate vocals that make it feel like a high school drama


The best of them all imo



The Battle Jockey intro that attempts to explain the entire history of human - horse relations in 15 seconds is the best discovery to come out of Snexploration Squad to date:



Their faces are forever masked. Their tombs are forever unknown.


Not a video game but that Watchmen cartoon intro deserves a mention in case there’s someone who hasn’t seen it


It really is a shame Twisted Pixel only ever made one good game, they were productive enough for those years that I thought they’d stumble into better things after 'Splosion Man.

edit: Oh, I guess they’re getting Oculus funding right now? And they’ve dropped the comedy aesthetic? huh






how is this thread missing

Lunar: The Silver Star

Also, lol at how many liberties WD took with the translation (the video has english captions you can turn on)



Coulda sworn this had lyrics. Oh well.

This does, though!