Unfortunately, I don’t think I can draw a child.




Kid dressed as ghost.


honestly it would be amazingly cute to just have these feet pop out when you land, suggesting that you’re actually just a kid in a costume but with the power of making ghost noises you can become a real ghost??


Not easy to make work, sadly.


Maybe I can help with that then.



Problem 1: the physics system doesn’t do a great job of making sure the ghost doesn’t interpenetrate the ground
Problem 2: gotta add feet to the sprite somehow and then all the logic to make them appear at the right times


problem 2 doesn’t seem that insurmountable at least


Yeah, so the draw-classes.js includes an AnimatedSprite class that could be used, in principle, but would require some modification.



Trying to think of the most succinct way possible to express the required number of candy corn to unlock a grave. And potentially the best run for each grave.




Ok, I need help with integrating a leaderboard! Please give advice?




A leaderboard? Is the game multiplayer in some fashion? Networked high score list?


Yeah, basically, there will be a best score for every pair of entry/exit pair. I want the game to track global and personal bests.


Not sure I can offer a useful opinion, but here goes nothing anyway.

You already have the conceit of a cloudy/bubbly frame for text, so perhaps a larger one that fills the screen and provides a scrollbar would be good for showing off the high scores. It would probably have to be a bit more square than the bubble over the grave though.

Rather than have the user type in a name when the big score window shows up, perhaps the main menu ought to provide a space in which to input some monicker before the haunted action begins.

Since you want to track global and personal bests it stands to reason that there should be some buttons (maybe styled after orbs or bubbles themselves?) that show pictures of a small globe and a person to switch between the two sets of scores for the text bubbles. If it’s not inconvenient it might also be good if a text overlay would appear if one hovers over one of these selection buttons long enough providing a textual description of the score sheet being toggled.

Any of this useful? Any specific minutiae I didn’t properly address?


My favorite way of doing this is generating a random flavored name for each player to be used on leaderboards; it’s abstracted so if they do decide to input a name it updates the leaderboards as well. Uniqueness without user input



now construct these into adjectives & nouns and get you some real AI-text