They are already adjectives (2) and nouns (1).



Most of the logic to make the game work is here now.
Also, buoyancy:


Getting into the homestretch here, please heap praise upon this project so that I can stay motivated.


Looking spooOOOOooooooOOOoooky!


go go float ghost



omg I love it


Sharing it with spouse:


that’s a cool idea!

I also like that ghosts eat candy corn



Two days till Halloween and I just finished the interstitial logic that I need to connect up my stages (and to use a stage as a level select menu). I’ve got a database tracking records which is almost done. I need to design about 7 more stages to fill out the content.

The game uses Tiled and a bunch of hacks as the map editor so level design is relatively snappy.

I added one mechanic which I am hoping will have some depth: pumpkins can now be pushed around by the player, and they can also collect candy corn. So you can like push a pumpkin into a cat, which will knock it into a row of candy corn. You can collect on a different path and double your score.

I’ve also added a set of spikes which launch you downward. Since water has upward buoyancy and you can’t otherwise thrust down, using these spikes is critical to getting caches of candy corn beneath bodies of water:



Am I a total failure if I can’t get this out by Halloween? I’ve got a baby, for God’s sake!


You tell that baby to shut the hell up


I can neither tell my baby to shut up, nor my job.


You gotta get better baby control sir


Its almost physically uncomfortable, imagining telling my child to shut up.


i’ll do it for you if that makes it easier


Stop being mean, in theory, to my kid or I’ll never finish this game.


“better wrap that rattle up, b”


Happy Samhain Everyone: Give oooOOoo a spin here:

Let me know about any issues!