Is this an ok cat?


I can read it. What does an extra pixel on the tail do (er, besides go outside the tile bounds I guess)?


I guess it helps the tail feel like it has momentum.


I’'m curious if anyone has guessed the gimmick of this little game yet.


I feel as though maybe the snout is extremely rounded when it should be pointier and the ears feel as though they could use an extra pixel or two in order to appear triangular. Granted, these observations probably only work if the cat is afforded more space than it can fit into. I also wonder if a column of pixels could be subtracted from the rear end to add a pixel of length to the tail. Cats usually have pretty long tails.

The movement itself, however, looks very organic despite the space constraints.

Ultimately I’m not sure that any of my advice is actionable.

Is the mechanic knocking lit pumpkins into water to extinguish them while avoiding spooky ghosts, along with trying not to fall in yourself (because kitties do not like water)?


It absolutely is not, no.


wow rude


Or perhaps are you playing a ghost who is trying to spook cats into causing your destruction for you?

Btw, I think that is a pretty solid cat for your low resolution. Is it a ghost cat? Because it’s outlined like the ghost I kind of feel like it is if I’m trying to infer a visual language between solid-color objects and outlined objects, but that probably doesn’t matter. I guess it could be animate vs. inanimate, too.

I wonder if the cat would be as legible if it was actually in motion instead of running in place? It probably would be.


Rolling Pumpkins into the water to get points is a good idea.


Its not a ghost, its just that since the background is black, I need a white outline to show a black cat.


That makes sense!


This game looks really cool btw. Whatever is happening in it.




So I’ve got levels loading from Tiled exports, which is great. Tweaking the controls. Not ready to reveal the gimmick.

Besides level design, all that is left is a few fun enemy designs, opening cinematics, and maybe an SMB3 style world map or something.

Opening cinematic: skeleton in hot air balloon bombs a tombstone, flies to exit screen left, then a ghost appears. Naturally, ghost wants revenge.


You’re adorable, please stay forever <3

Can we keep him, Dad?




I was planning on autoscrolling this game (like Balloon Kid) but the free camera feels ok.


everyone can relate to ghosts stealing your sweets

I read cupcakes but now I think those might be candles


Analog jump is probably my favorite platformer mechanic so keep on keepin’ on


Its an attempt at candy corn.

I’m not much of a pixel artist. I’d be happy for advice.