So into this.


Latest stuff.

New camera system, the details of which are fascinating, I assure you. Changed candy corn colors. Got the cats working.

Game is shaping up to be some kind of speedrun thing, I think. I’m imagining that you have a score which constantly decreases, but each candy corn causes it to go up a bit. There is a goal point in the stage, which you can enter at any time. But the question is what path or style of play maximizes your points at the end of the game. It might not be the shortest path or the one with the most candy corn.


I’m here lobbying on behalf of some anecdotes on this new camera system’s fancy details. Thank you for your time, here is my card.


The camera’s target position is wherever the player’s current velocity indicates they will be in 750 ms. Then I apply a smoothing factor (the updated camera position is 75% the current position and 25% the target position).

Simple and effective!


Describing this, I realize that it doesn’t behave the same way on every system, since the smoothing factor is applied once per frame, and the framerate isn’t presently fixed.


I wish I had longer to develop this.

My grand vision would be thus: This is a speedrun game that takes place in a large open world. You can choose where you enter the world and, when you discover an exit, you can subsequently choose that point as an entrance. So the game has two sort of modes, one where you are optimizing a run for points and another where you are exploring this giant continuous world for new exits and runs.

I just don’t think I have enough time to develop all that. The main thing is I’d need to either chunk the level loading so I could fit the bit world into the physics and rendering engines OR I’d have to optimize the way objects are created to limit the number by automatically, for instance, gathering all blocks in a row into a single object, drawn with a single blit and simulated with a single physics object. I might even need to do both.

Then there is the level design.


Been busy with real life lately but there is some progress. Biggest thing is that I’ve implemented the candy corn counter/score meter, the HUD, a calibration screen, and some simple heuristics for globbing level geometry together into large objects to improve rendering and physics efficiency.

The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of a metroidvania/racing game. Probably gonna do that as minimally as possible for an Oct 31st release and then keep working on it.




You are a cool person, but the candy corn in this game is almost trauma inducing.




It’s vaguely depressing how difficult it is to make good candy corn in this engine. Makes me wonder if all the pixel art in the world simply can’t represent certain, otherwise simple objects. Feels like I’ve run into this problem before.


What about this, assholes?


whoa, I was just trying to make a diagonally oriented candy corn work at that resolution. I think yours looks good. It’s the most obviously candy corn it’s looked!


This new candy corn works really well. I had considered the notion of trying to alter the perspective angle, but it turns out that a simple diagonal orientation had an alarmingly good result.

What we need now is a candy corn time-lapse showing, frame-by-frame, the evolution of this game’s candy corn.


i have no idea what candy corn is, or looks like


Just change them to candy canes, then BAM, instant deadline extension


Please suggest theme appropriate iconography for level entrances and goals. Something I might be able to render with my shitty pixel art skills, please.


Well it’s a ghost so some kind of burial marker?


Yeah maybe a grave, or a child to terrify


More like a child to give candy corn to.