real talk when I think of Tulpa-as-Bartholomew asking me-as-Honeydew “are you going to eat me sir?” I feel a slight pang of actual emotion

help me ;__;


Oh my gosh

Did we not know that your wife was an amazing artist? How did we not know this?


Good, I was just worrying that it’d be repetitive or distracting. I’ll take any other opinions, if people have them.


Solid Snake with no Sneak bonus o_o


snake [poop] eater


He lives~~

In a dream~~…


Yay Henwen!


she popped into IRC once upon a time and the same handle she used came up on my tumblr dashboard once ages ago and the attached image was #whoa


I didn’t know Ven made apps


But how did they make the black pixels


thinking back on the game I think there was a misapprehension

I did not match bald wendol to little plantagenet as some slight against bald wendol

I just thought it would be a cute pairing



aspirational armor for @km


Hey I finally got my new computer and got a SATA cable off Amazon so I could install the HDD and got google drive to work and moved my optical drive into another bay so the power cord could reach it and I could install Vegas and finished this episode.

Probably the rest of them won’t take this long?

I am prouder of this episode title than I am of my own children.


if you ever use yakety sax again I’m quitting the game


You can’t censor true art


My lil guy won the aesthetics section, right and proper


I was listening to the hog contest while I was working out (for the first time in a year or more), the music selections were

chef kiss


Thank you for appreciating my dadcore cheese


you also played captain falcon’s theme twice so you know i’m on board


I have not listened to this, but I am so glad my musical contribution made it.