I had so much fucking fun playing this session.

I did a lot more “background music” in this one, playing while people were talking. Let me know how it worked out.


look at the second question

BJ is actually Solid Snake


I’m working through this! It’s really good. Everyone setting and actualizing their goals makes me feel like a big slacker though.


BJ singing to himself whilst touching up the edge of his halberd.

He only does this alone in the bush.

He doesn’t want Bernie to hear his singing voice.

He doesn’t want Honeydew to criticize his honing technique.



just tell yourself you get 50 xp every time you achieve a goal.


Gamification is the future.

I’m up to the racist duke. I hope he gets what for.


we fuck around in town for so much longer than that, hahaha. We really decompressed the market festival into a lot of mini adventures.


Looking forward to seeing how you handle the unscripted freewheeling between adventure adventures. I was never good at running those kind of sessions but I love the concept of them.


Maybe your players just weren’t as dedicated to pranks as we are?


I’m really up for the next episode of owning that shitty wizard
Granted, anything that feels like a Jon Wurster character I must see powerfully owned


this is pretty much the only kind of adventure I can run on the fly


Nah, they weren’t as clever. They’d just shit in cheese shops then call the town guard on the owner.


Gorm is good.

Also today I learned that Henry James was born at 2 years old:



I liked this a ton btw, really good choices and really makes the whole 'cast a lot more colorful. I would have been angry if you had not used the Chrono Trigger fair music (remix) during the tent sequence, but you did, so I’m not.


get hype for hog competition

drawing courtesy of my wife who upon seeing the notes I wrote for the rival hogs took it upon herself to draw all of them


tag urself I’m I’ll Have Another


Def Plantagenet




feeling very George Cyril Wellbeloved


This really goes without typing but: superb handles, so excited for associated lore