I was actually going to make some kind of crack like “yeah I used Captain Falcon twice, what of it” but then you went ahead and pointed it out anyway. As always, Clint, thank you for your close reading.

And booji, thank you for this song I never heard before, because it fucking bangs.


It does. Really, the entire F-Zero GX AX soundtrack is this amazing thing, full of so much work that like even people who really dig the game are never going to find because it is buried in menus nobody really bothers to look at most of the time anyhow.

I was so pumped to get a copy of it in Japan because it is just a perfect couple of CDs to keep in a car.


I would describe it not ungenerously but also intentionally to the distress of many “post-Fuel”


oh shit

i ripped all the music from an ISO of the GC disc myself, did not realize there was an official OST release (because I didn’t search for it oops!!) I’m sure they did a better job of combining the first and last lap versions of the tracks than I did.

Plus, official track order, awesome.

Okay, gonna download this from somewhere now


Yeah, if you have any problems finding it, I can rip the two discs of it at some point. The first disc is just the character menu musics! it’s amazing!


Thanks for the offer! I downloaded it from KH Insider, turns out there’s a script that allows mass downloading without donating (i am a bad person)



Gary literally fell asleep in the middle of this one so get ready for some real edge of the seat stuff here


can’t believe we never got to Return of the Mack


Oh boy, now I get to experience part of the podcast for the very first time (and also figure out how long I was out for - hopefully it was like five minutes)!

And now I have learned that that couch is not for D&D after midnight.


Bernie actually died while you were out but we didn’t have the heart to tell you.


Ven was too busy looking for his cat to bring u back 2 life

if only I’d had Locate Animals or Plants prepared


We’re back to biweekly bitches

We fight stuff in this! It’s crazy!


is that twice a week or once every other


Biweekly not semiweekly gawd


cuba speculatively says “like meiji… restoration era japan?” in this which makes me think that yes, I would like to play a game where you’re an underemployed bureaucrat samurai who’s just had his class abolished during Japan’s modernization, etc.


Are you happy, because you can get a real job now? Are you sad, because you don’t get to shit on the lower classes so much anymore?


I don’t remember the context for this


Do you join the Satsuma rebellion? Do you have some strange inkling that someday they’ll make a Tom Cruise movie very loosely based on some of the stuff happening around you but in it none of the rebellious Japanese people will use guns because they’re noble warriors defending their noble warriors lifestyle, not folks pissed off because they don’t get to shit on the lower classes anymore???


it wasn’t when we were discussing the awesome power of folded steel, somehow