I managed to not use this and I deserve a medal

(ok I did use a different Indy clip though)


WARNING: this episode features an attempt to represent the subjective experience of BJ not-tolerating a Gorm monologue




Hello! I’m a new member to the forum (have been reading the news posts for a little while) and joined primarily to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed the series so far. The reckless attacks, fancy hats, metallurgy expertise, soil displacement, leftist messaging is just :kisses fingers:

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Thanks for the support!

I’m happy to hear that you’re enjoying the series


I am so sorry.

I’m always curious: how’d you stumble across our silly little corner of the internet?


No prob. Just got finished with a long term project today and am having a nice evening on the web looking for a new game to play with my girlfriend.

Not sure if he’s on SB, but I keep in touch with a friend who moved to Philly via Twitter. He retweeted some joke Bachelor posted. From there, I found the SNES podcast and so on and so forth, so you can blame Bachelor.

That project I referred to lasted six months and required a lot of driving. I like listening to podcasts in the car and No Rangers Allowed quickly became a favorite.

Also, I’ve been a member of very small and chill online community called MeFight Club (off-shoot of Metafilter) for a while. The new games thread there has slowed to a crawl so I was happy to find one here that was a good deal more active.


brb changing Bachelor’s title to “Outreach Ambassador”


I believe that change would be sound and just.


I am finally getting around to listening to this because I’ve picked up working on my TTRPG again inbetween working on the comic. Count me a fan is good thanks


We are gonna crack 40 downloads per episode I can feel it


Well shit after I wrote that I went and looked and we’ve been averaging ~45 for a while now so ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED


Listening to “huff a beard” and really enjoying y’all found your natural rhythm! That sounds like an insult but it is not. I really appreciate a dnd campaign that is trying to not kill anyone (if they can help it.)


I think the only conscious creatures we’ve killed have still been in the lost first episode. We all still carry the stain.

The stupid rules of this game say you can make any melee attack “nonlethal damage” and so in a way you never have to kill anybody and it is very weird to me that I’ve never heard of a group making big use of this stupid rule. Like none of these D&Dosphere youtube personalities have made a 35 minute video talking into a camera about it so it may as well not exist


Savage nonlethal damage


I revealed this existence of this podcast to a couple of workfriends and, oh god, what have I done


I also did that

As far as I know it’s only brought 1 stranger to a couple of episodes, I am glad none of them have listened

I did forewarn them about the half hour long discussion of a hypothetical psychedelic hog piss beverage so


Hypothetical maybe, but with a solid historical basis!


I have used nonlethal in my current DnD campaign a couple of times, and I always try to psychically speak to any sentient creatures to get them to surrender. It rarely works, if ever. I think I got some goblins to run away once. DM likes combat I think?

That said, my sister once violently murdered a bunch of sleeping goblins because she thought it was funny, but then experienced some actual real life regret over the incident, so that’s fun.


can’t believe you let an actual war criminal on snexploration smdh