I know I keep saying this, but, this is my favorite


@Tulpa will be the first to know when I create a dong diagram


Dang, that Los Jaivas worked so well

For accuracy’s sake, they are Chilean, but the album is inspired by Machu Picchu, so close enough?

Also, Haesto’s self-proclaimed elf weight was somewhere between 600-1,600 lbs; given how beefy he is as a centaur, I would say 1,500 or so


Elves are very dense.

No wonder Bernie couldn’t pick up Gorm.


It is also possible that Haesto is a beautiful stupid liar


When you linked it to me I was like :pray:


Read it and weep suckas

Tulpa did this one just for me~~ :heart_eyes:


lol reading, relaxing and raging


Had a hard time picking a title between Three R’s to theme with Three P’s or Half-Life theme



Just in time for us to play again tonight. Guys, it’s really hard to pick between playing videogames and editing the podcast.


I have been Extremely Lax about podcast editing, I reveal my shame to all.

Blame CD Projekt Red, it’s their fault


The most recent episode’s stinger is incredible #shrugcontent


Is that the opening or the closing cause if I remember correctly there is absolutely impeccable #shrugcontent bookending that ep


The ending. Incredible.


they say that the older a shrug gets the more it becomes like shrugself


Wow folks well I know I haven’t even finished episode 18 yet but we played episode 19 a few nights ago and I’m still jittery from it, there was some real skin of our teeth action movie climax stuff going down


Episode 18

Some people stand in the darkness
Afraid to step into the light
Some people need to help somebody
When the edge of surrender’s in sight


I just got to say I am really enjoying my audio editing on this here episode 18


The audio seems a bit improved overall on this episode. Nicely done!


Oh that’s just literally random chance