That’s some action movie shit for y’all


Just in time!

(it’s spelled Irtia, by the way)


Deities in pagan religions were often defined by their mutations across cultures including in naming/spelling okay


A feature I am consciously playing with in No Rangers Allowed! Fattgris’s view of Irtia is a mutation of Irtia as according to Ven!

This was a conscious choice on my part and I was worried that I was setting out a canon when all I want to do is set out “no one knows the real story, myth is weird”


Well it is a little different in D&D seeing as deities are literal beings and so there probably is an objective history of the things they’ve done out there. Not that that history couldn’t be mythologized and mutated obviously.


That happens to explicitly be the case with Irtia, but it’s not required by D&D itself, at least I can’t think of a rules reason for it. Hell, paladins don’t even have to have a religion anymore

I’m coming to realize I should have put more thought into the religion that my dude who is a literal conduit for divine power follows

Ven started out as “a guy who likes the look of skulls on things” and I had to work backwards from there okay


So far BJ is just dirty guy with abusive dad and dead mom so you’re at least getting silver in the Backstory Olympics


I am going off of a gloranthan style “gods exist in myth time and all the myths about them are true but its a matter of how you look at it, the stories are different angles on a truth beyond mortal ken.”


I tried to google this and instead ended up trying to print it


its the king of dragon pass/six ages setting, its a pretty big influence on how I think about mythology in games!

Especially since it rings very true to me, a person who was raised in some weird pagan micro religion (true as in accurate to non-formalized religious practices, I am a non-believing agnostic)



Oh shit we did not scour the wreckage for useful tech/dragon parts

Guys what have we overlooked in our constant exhaustion


I guess I assumed the whole thing was just rubble! Didn’t even ask…

Ven is not eager to go back in there at any rate


Didn’t the episode just end after the explosion? I guess I couldn’t know if there were some developments edited from the podcast. Is it possible the party is now safely resting nearby a hoard of treasures?


They’re talking about the next session, which we played earlier this week.

So spoiler I guess we totes just stumble out into the swamp and try to forget about the blowed-up wreckage forever.


This is the immediate deadening period before PTSD sets in


Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.

Great to hear the next session is in the can.


Putting them in the can is trivial, it’s getting them out that’s the hard part