I think this was the first time during editing where I thought “people are gonna say ‘bullshit, they wrote that in advance’”


He’s gonna squeal.


We all spend a lot of time meandering around the setups but it is always gary who delivers the spike


This is the one from before the meetup. It is extremely hilarious. There are many dicks.


yeah I’m pretty sure this is the session where I laughed the hardest during recording


I have finally caught up on this. There was some tangent someone was wrong about like five episodes ago but I don’t remember it anymore so I won’t point out your grave errors friends

Keep up the good work yall


It was probably me, I’m very confidently wrong about many things esp. dates


I think it maybe was tulpa? Their opinions are always right, but not every statement is an opinion so it’s possible

If you were wrong about a date I would not have caught you I’m also awful about those


ahh I was gonna say it was probably me

I don’t remember any tangents was it about dnd mechanics cause I don’t know how to play dnd


No I don’t know how to play DND either

If I was gonna guess it’s like geometry or some other dumb thing that wastes space in my brain


I bet it was me

I am always wrong but sometimes

sometimes I fool nearly everyone :waynestare:


I got some shit wrong about orbital mechanics once


fucking HA i am FINALLY listening to this and in ep1 ven said “do you use… different water for the tea… for after the laundry, or… is the same laundry water, or is it different? …just curious”

and i lost my fucking shit


Ven is always… dubious


Incredulous is maybe the better word


halfway thru ep2 now. this is the best non-musical thing i’ve ever heard in my life?

my drive to and from work takes place in atlanta traffic, and yet i am finding myself looking forward to the commute now


:green_heart: :heart: :blue_heart:


it’s so fuckin good huh??? i should start a fan club or something

or a webring


i’m sorry clint i was supposed to interpose snex eps in between NoRA eps but i’m too into the plot

i’ll figure it out… somehow


haha no i approve of this, NoRA is definitely the way to go. I’ve been listening since the first ep so I’m actually a little jealous of your ability to binge through it all in one go haha