You loved having me piloting BJ


It was a lot less stressful, plus I love telling other people what to do so really a win/win for me


there’s an entire room of screaming skulls


Maybe more selfabsorbed than usual but I appreciate this podcast in the ways I have previously mentioned but also for it being that podcast-y way of getting to know km, tulpa, and gary more. All people I have actually met! That also goes for SNES. Podcasts do inspire this weird intimacy with people you don’t know.

It also is inspiring me to record more HP because I can’t let y’all’s one year podcast outstretch our…six years of episodes.



No, correct


You and shrug I already had a pretty good idea about. Hearing you is being a silent participant in hanging out with my buddies shrug and Cuba.


shrug, thank you for taking up the cause of and being true to outlaw values, and I think you should of got even more exp, because after the fact justifications for how you were were in fact keeping to them even though everything went to hell is the highest of all outlaw values


And thank you shrug for a joke just for me.


Venn Erryday


I said we should just hang out in the boneyard! But no, we had to go do hijinks


You did not want to “hang out” in the boneyard, you wanted to begin exhuming bodies to critique their burial rituals


Pfff you can barely call those half-assed attempts “rituals”


You see? You see??


Not gonna lie folks, things get a bit dark at the end of this one. Character development! Wow!


is haesto still a centaur or just half of a horse now

…makes u think





Gary’s punchline had me acting a severe fool on the train this evening


I would like to note that none of my incredibly whack + weak rhymes were written down before I spoke them. While Cuba indicated his own plans to cheat like a cheater

That would be a betrayal of the moment and the character.

That was pure authentic exhausted white person suffering from a year of compounded illness who may or may not have taken the night-time drugs flow right off the blighted dome AND IT SHOWS


My name is tulpa and I’m here to say
I made my rhymes bad on purpose in a major way

Also yes they were improvised on my end too