I think we could have gotten past the mound without sacrificing gorm


So Ven, never seeing the silver lining


About to head off to go mountain trailing in a region which might house a rather eccentric character

Listening to Tulpa pronouncing words from the IKEA catalogue is one of my favourite parts of this thing.


Jokkmokk must be pwned to death


Looking over the map for the route and there seems to be several members of his clan living around here


I hope I pronounce everything wrong!


But we hate murder… what a dilemma…


I take full credit for this amazing episode title

We laugh a lot in this one.



dnd is good


I realise the party were advised to avoid manticores but I don’t think you should


As long as you could displace enough soil


Showing BJ’s Brak icon to the world, I feel naked




Sham Hatwich,

holy jesus


The pun names in DQ11 are perfect.



If you wanna know the context of that incredible goat-grid, feast your ears.


a dark peak into the future of a Ven who makes the RENEGADE choice consistently imo


Death is truly his better nature


Ven would never put his cats in danger like this


As things progress 18 men are unwilling to fight 20 witchcraft-enhanced cats and 1 man so they just set the house on fire to drive out the man.

Final bodycount is 1 cat-enhancer and 1 Norwegian. Zero (0) dead cats.

It would seem these cats were so powerful that they were in no danger at all?