That or this Thorstein guy has a serious cat phobia that acted as multiplier on their catpowers. :woman_shrugging:


I just don’t even know what to say about this one, guys. There’s… a lot of talk about hair. And cybersex. They’re related.



edit: Ven is best character


i can only see them as the actual sisbros in mid-tier cosplay


Can’t believe you got away with Captain Cha





In a very real way, we are all incredibly bad at roleplaying


Captain Cha was of course the creation of my wife combined with my baleful influence to turn something cute into a horrible pun


No we are the best


These statements are not contradictory


My other favorite DnD podcast is currently in a pocket dimension for a competition and 3/4s of the party immediately leaped to if we kill the competition we automatically win and it doesnt count as bad because you can’t really die in here.

So thank you NRA for not treating morality as a vaccuum.


Name & shame



I was worried that captcha was going to reveal one of you to be a replicant


None of us has good enough Perception to notice the unicorn on the floor without repeated viewings rolls


the dream theater clip in this last episode is an actual crime perpetrated against a me


I had never heard a Dream Theater track and know them only as “a band that sucks”


The Yngwie Malmsteens of prog rock, which is already the Yngwiest of all the genres


It’s our one year anniversary y’all!

There’s nothing particularly special or anniversary-y about the episode, but man, a year is a long time. I should write a heartfelt retrospective or something, but I don’t feel like it. The people that play this dumbass D&D game with me are family.