Year Zero is the aberration - I think With Teeth and The Slip sounds pretty similar.

I was 1,000% into Year Zero - the ARG, the vague concept album story. I loved when Trent released the stems as GarageBand files. But it’s also a smidge unsubtle along the lines of Desaparecidos and hard to go back to.


With Teeth is a weird one for me. On one hand I was worried their were going to turn into adult alt contemporary like the Foo Fighters. The singles in particular feel conspicuously “mature.” Hell that one video is all office furniture. On the other hand, it’s the first time Trent got overtly political, which felt like a momentous shift away from the years of inward facing lyrics. And I can’t imagine modern NIN without the politics.


The Slip is like a puddle of loose ends from the three prior releases. Literally so in that one of the tracks is a variation of a lost/hidden track from Ghosts. It does less for me than most of his albums as it’s so – you know, “Here’s some material.” When it seemed like the first of many diary-dump releases more like what the recent EPs have been, delivered in a then-novel way, it was easier to overlook its jumbled flea market nature.



Three parts. Of course.



Where does Numan live? Detroit?


I wish! He’s in the UK. He plays here pretty frequently though.


Oh, right. I guess he is United Kingdomish, isn’t he. I guess I was just thinking of, uh, cars.


(Alternative answer: Ragol.)



Nine Inch Nails performing live in Madrid, July 14, 2018.

00:00 Somewhat Damaged
03:37 The Day the World Went Away
08:21 Wish
12:01 Less Than
15:39 March of the Pigs
20:02 Piggy
25:00 The Lovers
29:22 Shit Mirror
32:29 Ahead of Ourselves
35:56 God Break Down the Door
40:25 Closer
45:13 Copy of A
51:33 I’m Afraid of Americans
56:58 Survivalism
01:01:12 Gave Up
01:05:43 The Hand that Feeds
01:09:16 Head Like a Hole


I like how I’m Afraid of Americans has been absorbed back in as an effective NIN song, the last few tours.

I guess it’s all the more appropriate after the last EP. (It’s not an album, okay, Trent?)


Still the best NIN video



We’re never getting a studio version of this one but it’s a classic, in my opinion.


Alternatively we did get a live version of The Perfect Drug, the other day.

I’ve always felt that PHM remaster was a huge missed opportunity, given the wealth of unreleased or not-officially-released material from that era. I’d be astounded if there weren’t at least a studio demo of “Now I’m Nothing,” for instance.

And that’s before we get into the loudness issue…



'Tis the season


Reznor should release an EP simply titled BOO