Mystery Science News Thread 3,000

Obviously our new home needs new megathreads, and what better than a new news thread? Here is a trailer that showcases little, but is visually compelling nonetheless:

Attention: @shrug

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I did enjoy FREE WITH PS+ APOTHEON on PS4. (Might be the last time I wrote at anything resembling length about a vidyagame on the Old Forum.) But multiplayer was Local Only and I ran out of friends to play with in physical space a long time ago, because I am old.

But didn’t Yakuza 5 or something just come out?

Oh my God they put Akuma in Tekken 7 and are actually trying to make it canon

Yeah but Y5 came out in 2012 in Japan, and excluding Zero there’s been a pretty big gap since the last numbered entry. It looks like they’re already ditching the Y5-Ishin-Y0 engine.

But they are still keeping the looping mp3 of “crowd noise” and speech bubbles when running around. come the fuck on guys it’s 2015. It was embarassing on the PS3. Now it is almost quaint how you can’t bring the Yak series in line with any western open world game.

Better get Beat Takashi so western nerds will flip their shit. It was already a long time coming and I bet he isn’t cheap.

For how much better the games look they need to rip out those place holders bandaids that were there since PS2 days. (They didn’t even need to be there then.)

ask any player w/ Gran Turismo experience post GT3 and he’ll tell you a thing or two about recycling assets. it could be far, far worse.

GIRL has finally completed her circuit of the solar system :cry:

we can finally pack this whole “videogames” thing up

great job

we did it

was going to post that, god bless

that’s huge. i’m so glad i fixed my dualshock (thanks to ymer) and can now play noby noby boy again.

i remember showing it to my eight-years-old cousin and his slightly younger sister. i just told him how to stretch and squish and he figured out the rest. they kept laughing the whole time at the silly stuff happening onscreen. at some point he was playing with the sixaxis’ motion sensor for the camera and started squinting at the tv like he was trying to figure something out.

“this…this is different”

“how so?”

“i don’t know. there is nothing like this around, right?” he was squeezing the character to the minimum then stretching again really fast on repeat.



then his sister played it for a while. she was used to tablet games and minecraft on a xbox 360. she was enjoying the game from the very first second. she tried to make everyone on the map to hop on the character and take them flying around.

i’m happy this game exists.
Come on Siren Hills…

DOG DAYS is now playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility, as one of 16 new titles added today.

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This looks like rather hilarious fun:

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Bamco announced a bunch of games for the West today, like all that God Eater stuff and the new Tales game and also they’re bringing them all to PC because why not. They’re also bringing over EXVS for the Vita.

Microsoft needed to lock down Kojima, getting Siren Hills as an exclusive would’ve been huge for Xbone’s future. If Sony gets it, it almost seems like a tipping point in (sigh) the console wars.

God Eater is alright but it has the same problem as lots of other games that followed MH in that there isn’t enough monster variety for how long the games are. It’s also got a really cool and in-depth gun customization system but it’s not necessary to use. Stuff bought straight from the store will work well for you unless you’re a power-gamer who wants to maximize DPS or something.

Gundam Extreme VS Force isn’t quite a traditional Gundam VS game. It’s more like Virtual On MARZ where it’s a single-player focused entry in a series designed around MP. It doesn’t haven’t online MP and off-line MP only supports two players but it has a long single-player mode featuring battles with lots of mechs simultaneously.