my name is a glam and i am a gatcha addict


let’s go around the table and introduce ourselves -

while my co conspirator and gimmick account posts about phone games and is sad all the time, here i am to talk about my latest hobby: gatchapon strategy games about anime girls on phones

if you were hoping this is a thread about the Gamecube toy-battling action game Gotcha Force you can like go read the old select button thread, here’s a link to it

now that that’s out of the way im gonna tell you all about the wild times ive been having. everybody likes fire emblem heroes? fuck fire emblem heroes. it’s great, spend some time with it during the holidays. but if i need my fire emblem fix you all know what fucked up anime teens i need to have in my life: and it’s the ones that are all sleeping with eachother

im gonna talk about a game ive been playing. im gonna spend some time with more of these games, and i’m gonna tell you all about it. the person at the party with the anime t-shirt on who wont shut up about my hero academia who has some kind of crust around the corners of their mouth. that’s not me, but with a recent full metal alchemist crossover: that’s who our first game is marketed to.

all of these fucking ridiculous phone anime strategy rpgs or god forbid the third person action ones they expect you to get your greasy churches chicken hands all over your phone for work on a simple gameplay curve: how much of the game can we possibly throw at you all at once so when you finally bottom out in terms of content you’re willing to spend money on it

videogames arent really like food or anything and they cant keep you warm in the winter but some games are sort of like a fancy dinner. desert golf is a game meant for every in between moment in your life that people possibly arent paying attention to you playing desert golf instead of listening to them

the alchemists code is meant for nobody in that situation because you cant play it at work or on the bus or the train if you live in the land of jrpg releases, its meant for playing in bed with all of the lights of or when you watch a hit new anime on crunchy roll dot com for the low price of like what ten dollars a month or something listen they have all of Space Adventure Cobra (this post sponsored by crunchyroll dot com)

this is what the menu screen of alchemists code looks like and oh god its giving me flashbacks to nexon mmorpgs from 2008 please put the bullet in me already
also i couldn’t capture the entire menu because it scrolls several inches to the left with even more buttons. when you first load up the game you get tons of screens where anime girls promise you log in bonuses: you get tons of items you don’t even know the purpose of. you do this for several minutes because they just keep coming at you
there is no tutorial

i have sank several hours into this game

also oh if you’re unfamiliar with Gatchapon games, basically they’re Fire Emblem Heroes style of party building. you get a limited amount of / or have to shell out your fast food employee $$$ for crystal gems to get anime girls and anime boys and edward elrics of all sizes

alchemists code offers a story mode, a challenge tower, individual characters that have individual story maps, pvp maps i think, hard modes of regular maps and all kinds of shit. you get a lot of characters really early and tons of buttons that do things

here’s riza hawkeye promising physical violence if thats your kink

alchemists code is kind of worth checking into because it plays like an on the go version of final fantasy tactics, if your on the go time is nowhere and never. it at the very least borrows the height mechanic from those games where ranged characters can just fucking own everyone on a lower terrain than they are jesus CHRIST.

if you die in the game you dont really get penalized. i am convinced the people making these games dont believe in failure states

the alchemist code gets a 0/5 because all of the character art has big honkin titties even when it’s innapropriate


Cool thread.

I downloaded the most recent idolmaster game as research. I started it once and it needed to download stuff. So i set my phone down got distracted have not returned to it but do get notices twice a day that I need to log in.

That was two months ago.


gachas are evil


I’ve only been gatchaed for longer than a week to Sdorica and Puzzles & Dragons. The former more recently, although having it sit on my phone for a couple months before really getting into it again required a further gig download which is incredible.


I’ve been meaning to try Sdorica again. I played it a bit at launch and it felt very solid, with combat having some meaningful challenge even when first starting the game (which is rare for gacha games).

I muck around with a lot of random games for a couple of hours before dropping them, just to see what they’re like. I think I have around 30 or 40 on my phone right now I haven’t played yet. Generally gotcha games aren’t very respectful of its players time by design but they can still have some interesting ideas underneath all the monetization cruft.

Epic 7 just launched in the US yesterday and that’s a turn based RPG with lots of fancy special effects and short anime animations for special attacks. Some of the attacks even veer towards Super Robot Wars level of action direction and animation, which is impressive.

A couple of months ago I got back into Mobius Final Fantasy and played that for a month straight, catching up on a lot of the story content I was behind on. That’s available on both mobile and PC with the same account so it was easy to just hop on my PC and play it while watching TV. I really, really like that game’s mechanics. I can’t really think of anything to compare it to, but it’s a turn based RPG with some TCG style resource management. Your normal attacks generate randomly colored elemental orbs which can be spent to cast your equipped spells, but the game has a particular focus on utilizing buffs and debuffs which gives your builds a lot of variety since it’s not just about raw damage.

It’s got pacing issues in its story mode and although it has some big names attached to it (Kitase, Nojima) you can tell SE didn’t have the experience to understand how to tell their stories in a mobile gacha game format. But it’s got a steady stream of big events and content updates), isn’t afraid to change mechanics in large ways in updates as needed (it’s launching “Part 2” of the story mode this month, overhauling some major mechanics again once you reach it), and has some really great music.


my next try: Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, which promised to be a gacha / classic RTB version of Dissidia


I got as far as this and never got passed any of the loading or install screens and its not even made by our wedding pals at square enix so fuck right off with this game


what is it with these phone games and having jrpg ui design from 2001


It bothers me when one of the games with most brutal gacha drop rates manages to have a full comic about how much gacha sucks to the point that it’s practically their brand now


well what if i told ypu i actually think gacha can be fun and enjoyable

fe heroes strikes the right balance


of course i fully endorse hell games teasing your richly earned funds away with the promise of babe’s from animé


The only good gachas are the ones in Shenmue because they have the magical ability to give you figurines for games that don’t exist yet


What about Gacha Force?


look i already linked that thread!!


look, it’s me, i’ve returned to gatcha-post during the late AM
while the key members of the forum were away bumping asses, i was constructing an evil plot to play a ton of games about animé on my phone during my seasonal depression

look: when i get a targeted facebook ad over all of the garbage i have installed on my phone and it promises me a tactical rpg with dozens of characters to collect and uh all the other shit these games promise you


guess what i do

now you know i love me some strategy i get all frothed up and worked on over it. makes me wanna crawl into bed and rub the leg of strategy, tell strategy ill never leave it behind and all they need to do is leave their wife tomorrow

if you want proof of this hey remember this thread

i promise i didnt download this over the miku advertisement i promise you that!

i generally try to judge these games based on a number of qualities including but not limited to the arc of how long the game really stays free to play, how horny the game is and how much fun it actually is to play

shin nazuki opens with a kind of nice story insert but oh my god why would anyone on the internet ever enable comments on something jesus christ

anyway the game kind of immediately kicks off and make sure you turn off the comments before you start going further and hey wait-

huh theres kind of something strange about the dialogue so far

hmmm i just…

yeah so the translation of this game reads vaguely like the developers used google translate to get it into english. this actually kinda sucks because its no duwang and the game is really careful about how it tries to teach you its systems, some of which can be incredibly confusing because you have no idea what the hell they’re attempting to tell you

rather than aping fft like the other game i played did, i cant relaly think of something close to this. its a strategy game really in the vein of fire emblem heroes, with slightly more complex systems. most maps are your party of 4 fighting any number of enemies.

everyones classes are represented by the color next to their name but this game kinda fucks up class balance real well through its own gatchapon system. theres no real way to get a specific class and some of the characters are just gosh darned underpowered

and there are a lot of characters in this game. there’s five classes and probably a good three dozen or so characters in each class. whats kind of novel is well

so you can see here that are ridiculously overpowered girl ami is a mage, but in actual combat she uses a sword that strikes multiple times in a single turn from a distance. it didnt dawn on me until i lost two hours one night while i was in a fugue state watching netflix that characters can share properties of two classes at once

its really kind of novel, something the gamer devs of intelligent systems could lose im looking at you fire emblem

its a time sink in the most insidious way too. FE heroes and that other game dole out characters frequently but there’s mostly no difference betwene them and you pretty much can just go straight up an upgrade tree

ShinNaZuki lets you upgrade equipment, skills, change outfits on characters and then the game branches off into a kind of interesting branching skill tree that steals a lot from the western gasha games ive played

if only

it weren’t

so horny

yes there are these pet-your-friends mechanics and every character has their own story
its actually kind of a drag that the games translation is so outwardly awful because a more weak willed fool would easily be taken in by the promise of becoming friends with all these babe’s

also you can craft and collect displayable 3d models of your characters fight me motherfucker

i’d wager a guest to say the free play curve of this game strikes out somewhere around 9 hours. unlike fuckin…final fantasy tactics wife-vance up there i’d say that shinnazuki is actually playable on the go because battles aren’t huge and dont require you to keep track of things that much except for when you get ludicrously owned

this is from early in the game but most of these bosses can do a total party wipe in 1 or 2 turns so

shinnazuki is a 1/5 for being so desperately horny that i had to stop summoning characters after awhile because they were going too deep


this is the omake section where i post this single image of dialogue that must have made it past the developers but helps me needlessly complicate the canon of a krpg for cellphones more than anyone surely has before


lord help me there’s gonna be a mobile gatcha version of langrisser


Important developments in gacha: there’s a match 3 rpg coming called SEGA Heroes


It’s out now


There’s a Katamari Damacy endless runner. But it’s got a 3.0 rating, so I guess it sux


God this game looks so ugly