my name is a glam and i am a gatcha addict



I wonder who made this game. Guess I could look but


As sb’s resident match-3 addict bbp’s post made me go look at this game. I’ve no nostalgic attachment to Sega but I know good character design when I see it so I was interested to play. One look at its store page and I was like NOPE


Sdorica is the official sb match-3 recommendation I think. Just in case you missed that. I tried it out once and it’s anime but very compelling gameplaywise. I keep meaning to get back to it


Fuck anime

Ok this looks pretty though

Hard to justify another match-3 alongside my Marvel Puzzle Quest habit though


It’s a match-1/2/2x2 across two rows. It’s just lowkey anime enough that when it spikes into overtly anime it’s a bit startling.