my name is a glam and i am a gatcha addict



I wonder who made this game. Guess I could look but


As sb’s resident match-3 addict bbp’s post made me go look at this game. I’ve no nostalgic attachment to Sega but I know good character design when I see it so I was interested to play. One look at its store page and I was like NOPE


Sdorica is the official sb match-3 recommendation I think. Just in case you missed that. I tried it out once and it’s anime but very compelling gameplaywise. I keep meaning to get back to it


Fuck anime

Ok this looks pretty though

Hard to justify another match-3 alongside my Marvel Puzzle Quest habit though


It’s a match-1/2/2x2 across two rows. It’s just lowkey anime enough that when it spikes into overtly anime it’s a bit startling.



guess who’s been playing langrisser turns out it’s ME

actually i think you’re all getting familiar enough from my few posts with what most gatcha games entail that i can skip over most of what langrisser does and opt for an abridged take

  • weapon triangle pretty much taken from FE
  • smaller maps than regular turn based strategy (but still larger and more varied than most games i’ve seen in this genre)
  • summon a variety of handsome / cute moe characters that quip during battle or menus that you can embarrasingly pet or rub to gain affection with

okay yeah cool grind grind grind, we get it:
things i wanted to actually talk about

  • langrisser’s “time portal mode”

so included in Langrisser is an alternative story mode that grows when you pass through certain checkpoints in the story. i’m not sure if this is similar to Fire Emblem’s story mode or not.

basically, the way it works is that all of the previous Langrisser games have abridged versions that allow you to play through condensed maps of the most important story moments from every previous langrisser game in the series. some of these reference sitautions and dialogue from the original games whole cloth apparently, neat! it would obviously only work for a game tied to a much larger franchise but it’s still cool.

  • unlockable character bios

if the previous ties to the other games stories dont do it for you, favored characters unlike their bios and special infos the more you use them and the higher your affection rating gives you. since langrisser wants to be played by new players but returning / players fond of the original series, it makes sense they’d try to draw you in this way and i’m kind of upset now that i’m playing a game with it that fire emblem does it

note: i do not play FE heroes right now so please correct me if it infact does do either of these things


I played a little bit of it and it felt pretty solid. Nice to see Urushihara’s spiky hair designs again and I always dig games that represent fights and a bunch of dudes or run into each other and fall off the screen. I like how the female’s leads unique ability is to break the fourth wall and confuse the enemy, debuffing them.

Oh, and you can leave nico nico scrolling comments on each battle.