MUWT 2: The Quickening


this is something that has been on my mind for a while now:
i recently started following a vodcast where one of the hosts has experience re:cutting, and he’s talking about this and that fan-re-release of [title X] - and tbh, i have been out of the loop of alternative vod-portals that i don’t even know where to start looking for these versions…

and, more importantly, are there enough re-cuts to talk about/that are worth a thread?


I really like some of the The Man Behind The Mask’s fanedits.

The War of the Stars is really fun and the premise excuses any roughness.
I rewatch it more frequently then I rewatch the original.

Alien-ate is a recut of Alien Resurrection that starts by turning it into a more straightforward film but also wildly changes the ending. The new ending is a little rough, but so was the original. It is a worthwhile alternate take.

Fanedits tend to be clumsy.


Go see Mandy

If you can see it and don’t, you are wrong

Fucking amazing film

You can even tell when the movie goes from film to Nouveau Shaman


I remember being beyond hyped for Beyond the Black Rainbow and then finding it totally boring and underwhelming.

But I keep hearing praise for Mandy, and I do think the filmmaker has potential. I’ll check it out and report back.


It’s just a revenge flick.


The hype train on it tho


beyond the black rainbow makes the pacing in 2001 a space odyssey feel like fury road


I hated BTBR despite being very hyped for the trailer

It pretty much soured me entirely on that whole retro-horror aesthetic, just completely bankrupt


Jeeze, has there been a good one? Not off the top of my head :thinking:


does It Follows count? I thought it was pretty good, even though it was completely unfrightening. It also didn’t feel like purely a formal nostalgia piece


I’d count it among the current wave of modern gimmickhorror (which I am 100% here for) over retro horror but fair enough


House of the Devil is pretty good retrohorror, you can generally count on Ti West.


The Void sucked so bad, it was like watching Clive Barker’s diarrhea


Yeah, I liked House of the Devil a lot. Does The Guest count?


I Love The Guest. Everyone Watch The Guest.


I don’t know what any of the last ten posts are talking about but if Drag Me To Hell counts, then Drag Me To Hell is great


I’m trying to think of other good examples of recent retro horror movies.

If we expand the word “retro” real far, then the recent silent film of The Call of Cthulhu was surprisingly good.


Did anyone see The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears? A recent take on 70’s giallo films. I think I heard it was decent.



THE PREDATOR has its evolutionary biologist character say “some think that people on the autism spectrum might not have a disorder but may rather be… THE NEXT STEP IN HUMAN EVOLUTION!”

This is of course to set up the climax where The Giant CG Super Predator kidnaps the kid so he can harvest the asperger’s from his spine, etc.