MUWT 2: The Quickening


Disagree, movies are qlso stupid and pointless, thats why they’re good


movies could be stupid and pointless too, if you would just give them the chance


Turns out once again that all is vanity fucked up but true


I need to find a new film critic to follow again


so i just saw i as in ikarus, a french take on the comission/reports 'bout JFK finding an untimely death.
idk why they spent so much time focussing on the milgram experiment though…

i’ve seen a few JFK related movies over the past few years, any recommendations you can give to watch more takes on this, i. e. lesser known takes on this topic?

list of flicks i’ve seen
about what happens in the Hospital, forgot the title of the movie
the jfk movie from costner
… thought there were more, huh, but cant remember more than that atm.


Seven Days in May is a must-see

the Stephen King Hulu series 11/22/63 is a very fun romp


why are just not following Armond White and seeing everything he hates


I demand a certain pretentiousness, Andrew O’Hehir was my guy for years until he got promoted at Salon

Stephanie Zacharek is good but she’s wasted at Time


I reiterate my statement: why are just not following Armond White and seeing everything he hates


can I get the national review delivered in Canada do you think


The guy on my block whose truck has a “only corrupt governments fear armed citizens” bumper sticker probably thinks this is illegal, but I’m not sure


The Happytime Murders exists is weird tonal purgatory where the world building is good and makes constant references to the racial prejudice puppets face in their reality but never really commits to any of it and also the plot hinges on the color a muppet’s bush

I don’t recommend anyone see it even though it’s not the worst way to waste your time but I do recommend people seek out the scene of a puppet getting murdered by being drawn and quartered by puppies



i saw ‘searching’

putting the rest of this in spoilers just because if you have any interest in the movie whatsoever you should just see it, bc even though i didn’t love it, i think the ideal experience would be to go in w/o knowing too much beyond the basic premise

for some reason i still feel like typing all this mainly just to vent. i guess i would say if you’re at all intrigued by the premise, or want to see john cho do some truly excellent face acting, it’s worth watching.

it is mainly worth watching for the small details of how family member’s lives become weirdly interconnected and partitioned through computers and phones and stuff, and the first act is definitely the strongest. it’s amazing how much of the storytelling accomplished with this visual vocabulary is totally intelligible (different programs, different operating systems, etc), and having the main character the archetypal tech and youth culture illiterate Dad makes all the necessary exposition somewhat logical. like, when he’s trying to find out who his daughter’s friends are, he knows what facebook and instagram are, but doesn’t know anything about tumblr and doesn’t even realize that his daughter was an active live-streamer until about 1/3 of the way into the film, because he doesn’t understand what that is.

also, i normally hate dead parent/spouse as character background stuff but because of the format i thought that aspect of it was really moving. it has a kind of Up-style montage in the beginning of their daughter’s childhood mixed with the mom’s terminal illness all told through emails and calendar updates and home movies, and then later on in the movie john cho’s character has to decide how to deal with files left over on his computer that remind him too much of her. it’s probably the most emotionally affecting aspect of the movie actually.

so i went into it thinking the central gimmick would be distracting and stupid, but it was actually the best part about it.

what didn’t work is, when you take all this away, the central mystery and its resolution is just … so… ridiculous. it’s like late era implausible police procedural melodramatic bullshit, in which half of the major plot twists are telegraphed so clearly in the beginning of the film, and the other half are totally dependent on brand new information that just comes totally out of the blue. if the basic plot of the movie had been adapted in any other way, it would be so obviously contrived as to be almost unwatchable

basically, it’s clear from the beginning that the daughter has been catfished, because the high school mascot is literally the catfish, and screen name of the person responsible is “Fish and Chips.” Except, this is ruled out quickly as a red herring by the intrepid detective on the case. Except, in the end, it was actually the detective’s own son (!) who catfished the daughter, then like… accidentally pushed her off the cliff? and the whole movie, the detective has been misleading the father in order to protect her son. there are tons of other very implausible coincidences that lead to this. it’s just disappointing because in the beginning it is such a down to earth and harrowing thing, and then it ends up being this weird b-movie nonsense. idk. i guess i give it credit for just committing to something totally ludicrous, but it really doesn’t work imo. oh and all this happens in the last 15-20 minutes of the movie, basically.


I’m tickled that all these comupter screen movies are being regarded as pretty decent.

Part of me wants to reach found footage over saturation just because it would be funny tho


There are definitely a few scenes in Searching that are already showing some pretty extreme limitations of the format!

one involves the protag installing multiple hidden cameras inside of someone else’s apartment when a single audio recorder would have accomplished exactly the same purpose




because i heard netflix was making a dark crystal tv show, i decided to watch the fanmade “director’s cut” based on jim henson’s vhs workprint from before the studio made it more accessible with expository voiceover, slightly less murder talk, english speaking skeksis, etc. good lord this version feels even more like it somehow leaked in from another dimension. something about 80s scifi where everything felt impossible to see on a screen. i posit that the last movie with real 80s sf attitude is 1997s warriors of virtue although tim burton’s planet of the apes comes close


Ah fuck no! Not a film available without the dead maker making money!!

The next film in my set is The Trouble With Harry. It started off good and Twin Peaks-y and then proceeds to chase its on tail for an hour. All the characters are good.

The film is incredibly beautiful though and could be used to sell TVs.

That lead me to looking up some stuff about Hitchcock and I am gonna have a lot less fun with this set knowing he was a monster.


The movies usually make more sense when you know he’s a monster tbh