MUWT 2: The Quickening


Gross. I’m gonna watch PREDATORS instead


I need you to tell me if this is a joke or not :confused:


I did not make up a single detail of that post.

I mean, the spine harvesting intent is only implied. We don’t get too much of the rich inner life of Giant Computer Predator despite this being the movie to break out Predator Subtitles.


Always a mistake.


Reminds that although Mandy is Just Fine, I Guess, it can’t resist having Nic Cage call someone a snowflake despite this being set in 1983.


The Predator plays like it was made in 1989, sometimes for Good but often for Ill.

Just with cell phones and cosmetic details from 2018.

There’s a bit where our Heroic Lead tells one of the Wacky Mental Patients (there are 5) to not use a certain term often applied to persons with developmental disabilities but then Wacky Mental Patient #3 breaks in with"yeah, use a less offensive word, his son’s—" etc. el-oh-el

Thomas Jane has Tourette Syndrome and says lewd things to Lady Scientist at an inopportune time, whoops.

It’s all over the place. It is blazingly stupid deep in its bones but so’s the fundamental concept of the FRANCHISE, so that’s not a deal breaker. Just makes all these decisions that are “really?” and add up fast.

The Internet At Large was pre-hating this before it even went into production based on a leaked script. Core of the complaints was WHAT IS THIS SJW NONSENSE IN MY PREDATOR!!! because Lady Scientist and the kid are integral to the story and the ultimate climax. Lady Scientist is good in the movie, and her integration in the climax is natural and good! Genius Kid would probably be fine (Shane Black is good @ wrangling kids in movies) if he hadn’t been grounded in a sketchy depiction of a real syndrome so they could do all this Alien Eugenics shit with him. As with SOLO, idiots have gotten up in arms over the supposed SJW LIBERAL CORRUPTION of a movie that’s shot through with bizarre veins of jarringly regressive old-man hollywood tropey bullshit.

So I guess that’s fun?

In conclussion there’s still only one good PREDATOR movie + one good PREDATOR pair of pants.


how quickly is thomas jane killed


Thomas Jane survives for most of the movie.

Thomas Jane and Keegan-Michael Key die at the exact same moment, Soldiers Once More (actually these two might be marines based on an exchange I might remember them having? it’s a potentially cross-service Wacky Mental Patient Bus).


what the


To the past my dears, where all was soooo much tidier

Don’t you think


Peele has really gone places, Key… maybe should’ve stuck with Peele


I liked The Void, it was a good “watch while I’m working so I don’t have to pay much attention” movie.

That’s a pretty backhanded compliment though


I did that too and it was still pretty bad. I’m glad Mandy launched in VOD simultaneously with the theater release, though, because that’s how I’m experiencing it right now.

Better for this than The Void, that’s my review so far. I do like stupid colors in a movie.


I saw The Void in a theater at a midnight screening after getting very hyped up by the trailer. It turned out that the imagery in the trailer that got me so excited was the ONE cool scene in the entire film.

I could see it being more fun on VOD, but the full event screening theatrical experience did it no favors.


so, sounds like everyone is saying I should “Avoid the Void”


personally offended you didn’t torture the english language however necessary to generate the phrase “annoyed the void”

i.e. “so now I know what’s had everyone so annoyed: the void”


Mandy is the closest we’ve gotten to the Plague from Hobo with a Shotgun getting their own movie.

And the Plague feels like the thesis project of someone who got a Ph.D in Boba Fettology.


Anyways, Mandy was bad even as something to put on in the background. Probably better to look at some stills and then imagine there’s a compelling movie in between the striking imagery


It’s also two hours long, what the Hell?


Put me solidly on team watch it in a theater and pay attention.