MUWT 2: The Quickening


The thing I don’t get is why we can never pair visuals like this with, I don’t know, a passably entertaining movie on the level of Pathfinder?

Also, as the official select button arbitrator of metal, I declare Mandy Not Metal





The lighting reminded me of Refn, which is a bad thing, and might age badly. The slow burn on the setting becoming more and more fantastic was what sold me. I went in completely unaware of what the movie was about and I was mega delighted.

The LaurelSoup movie method is a) go to your local independent theater, b) never watch trailers, c) don’t read anything at all about anything ahead of time, and d) if possible don’t even take more than a 10 foot glance at the poster.


I endorse the LaurelSoup Method. I try to do the same thing, seeing movies based on my feelings toward the director or based on ambient hype from critics I trust, all while paying no attention to the actual details of the film itself.


I’m with Laurel, I dug the slow burn into the actual meat at which point Nic Cage takes over and carries what little plot there is on his insane acting alone. I was actually thinking in the theater “this is like if Hobo with a Shotgun was an art film”. I get why other people aren’t liking it but it struck a chord with me.

Also Shrug isn’t telling you about the predator dog


Also I forget to say that I saw Peppermint, which is my review of the movie

Somehow it’s even more in the mode of Republican Action Movie than The Predator, which I guess has to do with all the ethnics being killed. Kind of as if you stuck the first 4 Death Wish movies in a blender then steamed all of the insanity from 3 out


There’s nothing to say that’s worth saying about the predator dog.

There were predator dogs in PREDATORS. There was nothing worth saying about them, either.


predator dog literally delivers the killing blow


that’s a nonsense statement why are you saying nonsense things about predator dog


how can you claim the movie is full of questionable decisions re:THE LORE and not call out that they make a predator dog a friendly pupper who plays fetch with explosives by shooting it in the brain enough to lobotomize it


yeah I definitely didn’t say this

predator dog being a friendly pupper is a fine silly joke, who cares

autism being a superpower that the super predator wishes to gain is 2 bad 4 me because it’s doing the Autism Is A Superpower thing not because a super predator wants a spine


oh, I totally misread that statement then

anyway, the lore is dead and Autism Is A Superpower will never die

we are doomed


please call them predadogs everyone i beg you


fidotor :expressionless:


this exchange led me down the garden path to a bunch of We React to The Predator articles one of which makes a big show out of How Could You Set Up Boring Lead Swallowing That Alien Metal Ball AND THEN DO NOTHING WITH IT??? when Boring Lead has a whole scene of pooping out out that Alien Metal Ball into the inexplicable Winnebago then gives it to his kid who drops it so Science Lady can use it to sneak up on Super Predator to save Boring Lead in the Final Climax For Real This Time but I don’t know if I can really blame them for not noticing, even if they did get paid to write a 500 word tangent re: how flabbergasted they are by the movie dropping a ball* that isn’t dropped. It’s all such a busy mess!

I will blame them a little though.

*pun absolutely intended


I want to see this article so I can go to the comment section and tell the how blind they are and also maybe they are dumb and should pay more attention and have we talked about Jake Busey yet


This movie is so fucking good


predator is just this idiot stretched to 90+ minutes.

i used to think predator 2 was okay, not on the level of perfection with the first, but still enjoyable enough. after witnessing this garbage, predator 2 is frickin’ amazing.


I personally thought The Predator’s biggest crime was refusing to deliver on the MacGuffin and slyly teasing it for the basis of a future -and unasked for- sequel (see last five minutes).

‘Tourette’s Syndrome getting the biggest (and only) laughs for 2 hours in the entire theatre’ is my other takeaway.


after thinking about it, two things stick out as pissing me off

  1. if predator traitor guy is there to drop off the MacGuffin, why the hell is it intent on murdering everyone it’s trying to save in the process

  2. okay, they give the date of when Predator 2 happens as 1997 but when super soldier biologist Olivia Munn is looking at pictures on the tablet, it clearly has the release date for Predator 2 listed as when the photo was taken and I hope someone gets fired for this blunder