MUWT 2: The Quickening


I haven’t seen the movie, but maybe he’s one of those conservationist hunter types who wants to preserve the species so that he can still get to kill some of them for sport


oh boy

so Shane Black decides to tie together all of the Predator lore by making it so that we (humanity) are going to die out soon because global warming and that also because they dig hot places, they’re gonna swoop in and take our planet and kill us off in the process. also they rip out spines to harvest DNA from spinal fluid in order to make more perfect predator dudes. the script commits one of those cardinal sins in trying to explain shit that didn’t need explaining and fucking everything up in the process


Oh and I saw Slenderman at the drive in a week or so back because all my friends had already seen Black Klansman.

It was so wack. There’s this amazing part where these two high schoolers are making out then the dude starts doing the Jacob’s Ladder head wiggle, but it just looks like he’s goofing off.


Saw a midnight screening of Mandy tonight. It was full of idiots who came to laugh at Nicholas Cage, and were going to follow through on that plan no matter what the movie was actually like. Lots of giggles every time he came on screen. There were a few scenes that deserved it, but people were even laughing at some of the more disturbing moments just because they saw a glimpse of that Comedy Face they came for. The film’s tone really goes back and forth wildly between real dark tragedy and goofy b-movie histrionics, so having the addition of rowdy audience members laughing at the dark parts made the whole thing feel very off-kilter.

The movie was pretty decent. I certainly liked it a lot better than Beyond the Black Rainbow. I preferred the creepy abstract first half to the revenge action second half by a great deal. The film had one of the more convincing depictions of the psychedelic experience I’ve seen in a movie. The shot with the cult leader and Mandy’s faces slowly blurring into each other was incredible. I’ve never seen a shot like that pulled off so well. The moment when the cult leader first sees Mandy and the reality of the movie seems to rupture into red blurry echoes was another major highlight.

I loved that the magic ocarina really did summon weird hellraiser guys, and there actually was ridiculous D&D/heavy metal occult shit going on, and I liked that the film never bothered to explain any of it.

Ultimately the film does still have some of the same pacing problems as Beyond the Black Rainbow, and by the end I was nodding off hard. But I’m glad I saw it, especially in a theater.

Oh yeah, and easily the best use of King Crimson I’ve ever seen in a movie. Take THAT, Children of Men!


Oh, and it has to be said, THANK GOD for any movie that’s actually willing to experiment with its color palette. I loved the vivid use of color, including color compositions that you basically never see in cinema, especially modern cinema.


the more i think about mandy the more i like it and the more i become convinced that the cheddar goblin is one of the greatest act breaks ever.


Muppets Most Wanted was way funnier than The Muppets. I was pretty worried because the first two songs were bad. But they had a lot of real jokes and not just “we are repeating what we did before.” The celebrity cameos were overwhelming. The only one Lady Rude noticed was Celine Dion.

Watching the bloopers The Worlds Only Athiest was clearly on…something because the 9minute blooper was him laughing at nothing. And then one bloop got more laughs from both of is then the rest of the film. So throw it in the garbage now we can just watch Christmas Carol and Treasure Island and have a terrific time!


Rudie has opinions.

Like Vertigo was really boring. There was I guess two good parts. The 30 seconds of psicadelica and the second girl’s twist. But before that is 40 minutes of James Stewart driving around and after that is 40 minutes of the same conversation and Hitchcock being a monster.

This boxset has Marnie I started it read the plot summary and stopped it.

I am beginning to think this whole enterprise is a bust. Then I pulled up some video essay about hitchcock. Well first some real bad essay about how he blocks a scene in a real film student explains way. It was miserable. Then I pulled up one on the art of hitchcock that I found because there was an article about “what makes a film hitchcockian” which was watching this video then stealling all the ideas expressed in it.

Point is I started this video. And it had clips from Psycho which is next. And I went Woah This Actually Looks Great.

So I guess I am excited to watch Psycho now.


Psycho is his best imo.

Consider rewarding yourself for watching Vertigo by watching Guy Maddin’s recent film The Green Fog, which is a pretty hilarious recreation of Vertigo using found footage from news broadcasts, old b-movies, educational films, etc. Lots of clever visual gags.

Here’s his take on the part where the main character goes catatonic:

Also, I enjoyed Guy Maddin’s thoughts on the film in this short interview:

“The first time I saw Vertigo, I fell asleep. I thought it was overrated.”


vertigo is good sorry


vertigo is great not sorry even a bit


Vertigo is great and it’s even better when you got no sleep because you waited too long to write a paper and go to your class screening and pass out and when you come to the first thing you see is Jimmy Stewart’s disembodied head flying through his descent into madness


seeing chris marker talk about vertigo on sans soleil made it even better for me


Chris Marker makes everything better. You just reminded me that I need to watch some of his films I downloaded.


I mean that sounds great.

Does the rest of the film want to describe why it’s good?


I mean, I had already seen it, so passing out during it didn’t do much (though the same thing happened during Triumph of the Will, which I hadn’t seen and it’s kind of surreal to black out to endless shots of city roofs and coming to only to see a goddamn Nazi rally)

the rest of the not-crazy parts are good too (I mean, compared to flying head tunnel, they’re not too crazy)


it’s good because it finally reveals to the world how depraved jimmy stewart is


counterpoint: Harvey came out 9 years before Vertigo


I saw Climax.

Is there a more Baphomet movie? I liked it a lot. It has the two best dance scenes I’ve ever seen, including one entirely from an overhead PoV. My jaw hit the floor.

The rest of the movie is usual Noé horror. It captures the sort of raw, pointless violence of, like, a fight between drunk losers behind a club, partly thanks to a love of transgression of natural cinema rules (rotating camera, ill-fitting, diegetic music, long shots) that add some unpredactibility

TBH Noé reminds me of Van Trier and I feel like we might found out soon that he’s a huge asshole too. In any case this is his best work


A Grande Arte/High Art/Exposure/The Knife is a movie where peter coyote is an american photographer in rio who has a sex worker friend he sometimes photographs that gets killed after she stumbles onto some conspiracy, and then they think he’s involved so he gets stabbed and an outrage done to his girlfriend. He wants to do more than remember his sex worker friend with a photograph, so he tracks down a guy in a photo he had taken of a knife fight on the street and asks him to train him in knife fighting. his girlfriend just wants to move on with her life but she comes home and he’s training with giant man tcheky karyo in his living room, making stabbing motions with a ruler, and she’s all “what the hell” and he says “Oh that’s Hermes, he’s a persev” “a persev?” “perforate and sever, he’s a master of the technique.” “perforate and sever WHAT?” “Perforate and sever, that’s all.”