MUWT 2: The Quickening


i want to watch a movie that is romantic and maybe will make me ponder life




i am intimately familiar with the filmographic canon of will smith and i could watch hancock instead because hitch doesn’t have a super nut scene


forgot to mention but wow is everything in the movie so fast. they cut all the time! i kinda wanna see wolf warrior 2 to see If this editting is common to super high-budget mainland-chinese films or if it’s because the wandering earth is based on a novel


Oh yeah, One Very Important Thought I left out about Detective Pikachu:

There is one scene that is pretty much a straight-up Super Smash Bros Melee match between Pikachu and Mewtwo on Pokefloats.


This kind of sounds a bit like what I was saying about Detective Pikachu reminding me of Chinese TV adverts. Watching TV over there was a bewildering experience because of all the fast moving scenes, cutting frequently and eventually being unable to tell whether it’s still the same advert or the next one.

This, plus what I remember of Chinese blockbusters in recent years like Painted Skin 2, makes me think they just really love piling on the spectacle with fancy editing and cinematic flourishes

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I watched First Man. Its the one about Neil Armstrong. Played by Ryan Gosling.

I thought it was really good. I have no clue how “accurate” it was to Neil’s actual life and/or personality and affectations.

But, as its own sort of inspired thing, I thought it was real good. It focuses really close in, on Neil, and how he reconciles with life’s trials. Both personally and professionally. But it doesn’t bog down on any of it. We get brief pauses to take in something and then the movie keeps moving. And you eventually get a sense that’s part of how Neil is (may have been) dealing.

Its actually not much of a space movie. So I wouldn’t go into it expecting a bunch of exposition on that. Its all certainly a very bold setting for this story. But its really just about Neil. However, the directing is very effect and really sells the mechanical and physical realities during cockpit shots of various contraptions and aircraft, leading up to the moon walk.

Some of the music/soundtrack choices were kind of eccentric. I like it all and thought it all worked. There were a couple of scenes where I was consciously wondering how that music was chosen and why it was working for me, even though I was actively questioning it.

Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy were both excellent. And all supporting cast worked well.

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Like Whiplash, this was really meaningful to me as it dove into the separation and inhuman nature of devotion towards work and excellence. The flattening emotional aspect one takes on with professionalism. The weakening ability to commit and make decisions in everything else as core competency concomitantly increases, as you become aware of your weak mastery and strive to avoid it.

The distance that stress creates from everyone closest


Honestly, out of all the movie I saw in theaters last year, First Man was the one that I really appreciated actually being in a dark room wit a huge screen and taking it all in. The moon sequence was shot in IMAX and between the perspective as he first looks out onto the surface and the absolute and unyielding stillness of the view (probably one of the few times I’ll say something nice about digital projection), it struck me as truly awe inspiring


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all is vanity

sorry neil :frowning:

I mean he probably knew better than anybody


I was broke and v. depressed when First Man came out and thought “it will get another run during awards season” but then it wasn’t nominated for shit which goes to show that you can’t count on anything in this mixed-up crazy world full of Green Books and Bohemian Rhapsodies, etc.

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could you imagine being the poor guy at Comcast NBC Universal And I Think There’s Another Company In There and having to pick two movies from last year to do concentrated awards season campaigns for and your dart landed on Green Book instead of First Man and you ruined Spike Lee’s pity Oscar


I was feeling nostalgic toward the 90’s.
I watched Clueless for the first time. I’m not a Jane Austin fan so I don’t know how it holds up as an adaption of Emma, but as a coming of age movie it’s good.


Down To The Sea In Ships (1922) is a movie about whaling where they just got a camera on a real whaling boat and filmed some real whaling.

It basically contains within it a documentary of the whaling trade


only open this if you are ok with seeing dead whales

it has some good bits about the whale and whalers seen through a biblical or romantic lens

(Patience is the name of a character btw)

There is an interlude scene where a lady billows by the shore in excitement at seeing pelicans diving for fish with this beautiful shot

There is a good scene at the end where the crew worries over a bad omen

which results in a storm, which is partially shot in negative

There is also some weird old movie shit like an asian man played by a white man who is said to be “almost white anyway” and he pretends to be white to get married to a quaker lady

and a strange uncomfortable scene where a child rips another child’s tooth out with a string for fun, which i wont show a picture of

anyway yeah this movie is on youtube

sorry for all the pix


this is my shiiiiiiiiiiit

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attn @shrug


Going to put this here because Even though it was a TV Show it’s a Criterion release. Been watching Fassbinders Eight Hours Don’t Make A Day.

It is very very good. Fassbinder’s team always does good work. This being about Factory workers trying to unionize into better working conditions against an oppressive capitalist West Germany is good stuff. It is not without moments that are as good as any modern comedy and heavy gutpunches that set up the next episode.

It has a cast of 20 and everyone of them feels like a real person. It is as good as any modern prestige TV maybe better at only being 5 episodes-8.5 hours of a planned 8 episodes. It does such an incredible job that one’s personal problems affect the world around them even if they don’t know it.

A Synopsis of the Second Episode: Grandma seizes a public building and opens up an illegal daycare.

All the fashion is great and does a good job to influence your opinion of each character. It has slightly backed off on the insane camera angles in Episode 3, but Episode 1 is filled with camera angles and imagery that had me screaming standing on my couch.

It has these wideshots so that you can see everyone’s collective reaction and how that feeds into what they say next. How each person internalizes.

Two women characters decide to be friends and then it cuts back to them 30 minutes later just hanging out establishing yeah they became friends.

It’s also setting up the family you have vs the family you make.

Then there is a scene with a newspaper editor that just makes your skin crawl. Nothing happens (I think) but even thinking about it now makes my skin crawl.

Shrug don’t watch they wear watches and rings on the factory floor and I do have clinched fists the entire time in fear.


You just wonder what happened to that cinematographic prowess, a few decades later… just think of ‘Head full of Honey’ , and shudder in fear and despair.

Luckily, that’s not indicative of what german filmmakers are capable of, as Babylon Berlin seems to have seen some moderate success around the world, too.


Oh totally meant to shout out @8128 because I bought this with them!

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