MUWT 2: The Quickening


5th Element is like that, with most everything in focus. The Blu-rays are crazy.


actually I take that back, the Julie Andrews scene is good

after which it goes into giant CGI fight and Hollywood stop doing big CGI fights, you can’t stage these things worth a damn


Ocean Master is very good


I probably would have walked out of the theater if he had said it right to the camera with a look of zero fucks given


like the first time it gets said, the soundtrack kicks in to underscore this very important proper noun keyword and I had to stop myself from laughing out loud because I didn’t want to be That Guy

I stand by the insane notion that Bumblebee is better


laugh out loud

do the lol

you can roflyao

that’s why Ocean Master is so good


Ocean Master is 100% the best joke in the movie

much like how Endgame is legitimately a better comedy than action movie (fuck, at 3 hours long, something had to work)


i’m reading all the Endgame spoilers here because, god, i just could not possibly care at all about this movie. Infinity War was so bad. i’ll probably watch Endgame when it comes out for digital rental.

anyway, i went to see Long Shot last night with a friend. she had had a rough week and wanted to see something dumb, so i agreed to come along (plus, thecatamites thread on romcoms is inspiring and i’d been wanting to watch one).

i don’t have a lot to say about it. i haven’t seen a movie with Seth Rogen in it for a long time. it’s a pretty funny movie, though it’s obviously very dumb and cliché. if you want something light to watch, it’s a good fit for that.


The colors in those screens are so good. Maybe I should re-watch Aquaman if I ever get the chance. Is the crab king wearing armor or is that they’re natural shell? Do they always emit light out of their shoulders?

I think there were actually talks to do a spin-off about that abyss dweller race. The Trench, that’s what that place was called. Hopefully crab people are a part of that too.

And Shazam was good, yeah. It’s got a nice heart to it and focusing on comedy and drama more than action, so it was a nice change of pace.


Speed Racer does this, right? Probably the closest analogue I can think for breathless million-miles-an-hour-whole-season-of-a-cartoon-shoved-into-one-movie pacing/tone too.

It looks like Big Crab Boy Body 2 Me I don’t know if the lights are supposed to be Stick On Crab Tech or That Natural Crab Glow. This movie says “Atlantis is Blue and the Crabs are Red and it needs to Pop in the Sea so These Crabs Feature Spotlights Don’t Worry About It.”


aquaman is so terrible. it looks really good/funny in screenshots though

disappointed you didn’t grab the GIANT DRUMMING OCTOPUS




Can’t believe they built up to comic-accurate costumes for Aquaman and Ocean Master and somehow made it work


Speaking of Crusties…

(Lobstercules suit from The Tick Season 2)



I had turned off Minority Report 15 minutes in a year ago. Now I am currently reading the PKD story I went back to it. What a strange movie! All this wowy future technology and comedy scenes and weird horror and bizarre jokes and hyperbloom and like one action scene that is real goofy and fake and a young colin farrel. And that scene with the plant lady!


I watched Sorcerer last week. I saw the older Wages of Fear adaptation years ago and enjoyed it, but I never knew there was another one. Apparently Sorcerer was overshadowed by Star Wars at the time of its release.

Anyway, the two people who recently told me that Sorcerer is worth seeing (one on the Internet and one in person) were right.

Here is a piece of Sorcerer concept art that Birch showed me. (I don’t think this would be considered a spoiler, but I will hide it anyway because I liked the part where this was revealed in the film.)


Yeah Sorcerer is good!


It is good to fall asleep listening to the Sorcerer score.


Sorcerer is slow in all the best ways