MUWT 2: The Quickening


this pirated copy is pretty good considering I was never ever going to drag myself to see this before the spoiler grace period was over


I’ve paused the movie to pee so many times already


I’m so empowered, I feel like the real piss christ


when they came back without scarjo all I could think was “this is why male-domimated nerd spaces have such bad emotional energy!”


my wife just walked into the room and said "did spiderman just show up as a gag or was he always in this?


no, it’s Captain Marvel

no, not Shazam, Marvel Captain Marvel



chillin’ on the ocean floor with computer-deaged willem dafoe and he gives you this look



suing Warner Bros. for theft of my personal brand


how do you have a gag where someone plunges their face into a toilet for breathin’ water that is not followed by the toilet being flushed to panic them


how do you make an Aquaman movie that’s almost two and a half hours long


I feel like if these subtitles were accurate to the tone of the movie they would say “I could of just peed on it”


unclear if Atlantean steel is superior to Nippon steel???


strongly support self-determination for crab-persons and other forms of crustacean individual




god this movie rules

i am obviously a huge dork for marvel movie but there has not been anything as interesting looking as any of these screenshots in like the past 10 years of the MCU

edit: like whose idea was it to make everything in focus all the time. this is a ridiculous way for a movie to look


I stan Crab Man King a true legend of world cinema and of The Sea


Crab Man spinoff when

Is Shazam this good? I almost hope not


Shazam is actually good in a weird good 80s movie kind of way

I stand by my assessment that Aquaman is okay but I can’t take any of it after OCEAN MASTER seriously