MUWT 2: The Quickening


Best sequence of images

In theory, alas not in practice



A review of the first 15 minutes if Endgame that I got to see peacefully before being called into work: it was alright, I guess


this is happening because of the bad karma I accrued because I wanted to yell out “YO DUST THAT KID, THANOS” after he said he wanted ketchup on his hot dog



spoilertexting events from your own life is pretty next level


look, I can take no chances, even spoiling something that happens in the first five minutes during the pre-title sequence could be a bad look for the biggest internet cry magnet of the year

also I guess not spoil blurring my stupidity would make people want to click even more

and now I’m even more mad because I went in to work and didn’t have to pee until when the movie would have ended


I’m gonna do it

I’m gonna do it

the way endgame treats running out of fuel in space reminded me of a Clark Ashton Smith story that also had this eventuality apparently lead to the ship ceasing absolutely all motion and not just acceleration or being unable to decelerate


I watched Destroyer, with Nicole Kidman.

It wasn’t original and it was probably 20 minutes too long.

But, it was mostly well directed and Kidman sold the hell out of it.


takashi miike’s audition is the best david lynch movie


All this Audition talk and I can barely remember anything about it, apart from the premise and climax. Yet I watched Gozu around the same time and could describe various scenes in detail. I did really love it though. Need to see a lot more Miike


Gozu is the most Lynchian Miike I’ve seen. It’s such a clear line of inspiration that I’d feel comfortable calling it an intentional homage. It’s really good too!

Never really thought of Audition as Lynchian, but I can sort of see it when I think about the way the film sets up a deeply mundane status quo that suddenly ruptures in a reality-bending way. The film is so much colder and more clinical than Lynch’s work tends to be though.


the way aoyama’s dream ends made me feel what i imagine lynch felt as a child when he saw that naked woman come out of the woods or whatever. an abstract but totally understandable surge of images communicating that everything is fucked and crazy all the time under the surface. i cried at the end because it got to that place successfully and thats hard


a review of the rest of the 165 minutes of Endgame: eh, it was alright, I guess

I feel like the movie did not earn its big moments of gravitas because I don’t care about these big dumb cartoon characters, especially the ones it decided to waste (good job Disney made a Captain Marvel movie so I know who the hell that blonde lady that shows up for 20 minutes was) and also because they were kind of cheaply earned

my favorite part was Thanos sitting down after his army gets dusted and he has this look of “Fuck. Shit. I did not see this happening. How did this happen. Damn.” and, well, if one of the most human moments is Josh Brolin behind a CG chin, well


seems like that’s on you chief


well, the movie does a pretty good job of establishing things irrespective of familiarity with the franchise, like I get that Tony Stark now has a family and Hawkeye and Black Widow have history and Cap wanted the life taken from him back but it’s like, one of those is pretty cheap (the second I saw them going up to chat with Red Skull I just went “oh fuck off”) and the other two just feel like your standard big ass action movie story beat

I apologize for not being one of the people at my show loudly tearing up at the end


ALSO WHILE I’M THINKING ALOUD, the Nebula shit is stupid because she literally burned her goddamn arm down to the fake machine bone and you think Don Cheadle would go “hey, now that we’re back, maybe we can fix that up for you” but the plot needs him to not care so Thanos 2 can start the big, clumsily shot and edited CGI battle


just want to say that I’m honestly amazed no one has spoiled this for me yet and I want to push it out as long as possible


so serious about avoiding spoilers that you just never see the movie


I’m just going to PM you the spoilers in the subject line




The other day @bug’s posts about Kazuhiro Soda got me interested in his work. My gf and I rented Peace via Vimeo and we both absolutely loved it! It follows an old couple who professionally and voluntarily look after elderly, sick, and/or disabled people living in their area. They also maintain a small society of cats in their back yard, and dwell on the mystery of why they come and go when they do.

It’s such a beautiful and calming film. It’s deeply inspiring to me to see such a lovely doc completely filmed, produced, and edited by just one guy. It makes me want to make another feature!

Kazuhiro Soda is active on Twitter and he responds to people. I told him how much I enjoyed the film and he thanked me. He seems like a really nice, down-to-earth guy. This weekend I plan to watch Campaign.