MUWT 2: The Quickening


Yeah I think this delivers, it’s def not great in any way but this is the kind of thing I just appreciate.


please… be excellent… that’s all i wish for…


i rewatched the matrix and i got so pumped up while very high it was like i was a teenager again except i had the mind of an Adult Who Thinks About Things and i was still pumping my fist to all the totally self-indulgent action scenes and being astonished at how both smart and dumb it is. every line, sound, and shot was like an endorphin shot to my brain. it is now undoubtedly one of my favorite movies of all time


I knew the backlash was undeserved but when I watched it a couple months ago with my post-Speed Racer brain I was still floored


matrix 1 fuckin rules for sure


pumping myself up before i watch reloaded by listening to dragula on repeat 15 minutes straight


Reloaded is excellent and Revolutions is too long but the good parts are very good.


Every film I’ve seen by these gals is great. I’ve seen bound, the matrixes, and speed racer. I need to see jupiter ascending and cloud atlas but w/rt to the latter I am not quite yet equipped to face the uhhh sheer tackiness of race makeup lol


you’ve seen all the good ones I’m afraid

but I do hope they get another really good project again

(though sense8 is considerably better than those last two movies)


Jupiter Ascending is Twilight in SPAAAAAAACE, with all that entails.


i’ve heard it described as an action movie completely unconcerned with a male audience, which is a hell of a sell


the lead has no agency or personality (other than “wants to fuck the dog man that does everything for her”) except for one scene and kunis isn’t the sort of presence that can pull off that kind of cipher


This is one of those times where I feel like no one ever reads my posts.


I uh, well, I just don’t know about this one

Sense8 is great though


cloud atlas really got halle berry playing an asian man like something out of an eddie murphy movie from…uh…1980-2007

seriously the hellish race makeup makes them look like star trek aliens

jupiter ascending is definitely the inspid teen girl version of all the insipid teen boy blockbusters we are constantly bombarded with it’s super wild and like absolutely nothing else

would honestly kill for a modern popcorn movie to be as fun and weird as the matrix reloaded


The bit where the reveal vampires are the prototypes of Angents and then they sword fight a bunch of vampires at the same time Wachowskies reveal that this is just a movie adaption of their Mage the Aescention campaign is a high point for sure.


I did (and is an excellent review of it), but I wanted to shove my lukewarm take in there without thinking too hard about it.


i bet they worked really hard to get that finale down to two hours hey


I feel like “matrix sequels are good / matrix sequels are bad” is like a huge generation gap thing (not calling you old I’m just saying my matrix megafan dad also despises them)


cuba is old and I am old and those movies are bad (they tried tho)