MUWT 2: The Quickening


finally felt like watching eighth grade

it ruled

honestly a triumph of sentimentality and earnestness and that’s me saying that

the direction is consistently horror funny without being too much


i loved it!


i watched it too and it’s, exactly what felix said. it’s very touching and very awkward, often at the same time


i’m finally back on my bullshit and i watched southland tales


what a great piece of cinema and as much as id like to say i watched it cuz of sb backgrpund noise it was actually because they mentioned it in a chapo


If y’all haven’t been on this Bo Burnham tip for a while you should be


I fucking love Orinoco Flow and it was used perfectly in this

just let it wash over you


yes!!! it made me think of how vaguely present the song still was through the 90s when it came on


My extremely hot take on this subject is that the night comes for us is, idk, only above average at best in terms of action direction / choreography / performance, but I haven’t really examined these feelings at enough length to defend this position.


what’s on ur top tier


This is the first place I’d seen anyone even mention Southland Tales since it first bombed. At least I think it did? I was looking forward to it enough that I still even have the little mini graphic novels somewhere. Yes I liked Darko enough to be hype

I bought the DVD and watched with my girlfriend and remember it being such a weird session but now I’d probably look at it completely different.


Southland Tales is forever an accurate time capsule of how weird shit was in the mid 00s.

Also that people use the phrase “neo marxists” in regular public discourse now is hilarious to me and makes me happy every time I hear it.


As far as recent things go:

Def spl 2, but one of my friends who I generally see eye to eye on this subject w/ was like “70% of the action in that movie is legitimately bad” which is enough to make me need a rewatch on this.

Super into the isaac florentine / scott adkins movies and haywire.

I haven’t seen the raid and the raid 2 in years but I probably think the former generally kind of sucks and the latter is great when there’s violence happening and completely awful otherwise.

I basically think that the (handful of great) fights in zack snyder watchmen are what the night comes for us should be more like?

I’m v excited to watch woo ping yuen’s latest directorial effort master z (starring jin zhang, villain of spl 2! w/ tony jaa, michelle yeoh, and dave bautista hell yeah) and less excited to watch triple threat bc I do not actually believe this director is capable of doing these actors justice based on having seen his movie accident man.


this is the post that makes me finally retire to a monastery there to ignore the wider world and its goings-on till death finally comes for me


I mean

the world is full of a multitude of takes and they can all be valid, etc.


Zack snyder owns!! I’m sorry! I love him.


oh dear


Absolute megaton announcement right here.


started watching Triple Frontier and thought they were doing a twin gimmick with the two brother characters played by the same actor

then i realized its Garrett Hedlund and Charlie Hunnam lol


i watched mother! and this is pretty much my reaction