MUWT 2: The Quickening


I would never ever ever have guessed this about him.


Cinema only has room for one superhero named Carol


much like Noé, my posts exist for shock value


the oscar isaac ben affleck netflix military dude movie is so formulaic as to be a little scary

it’s like “iraq war veterans do fast five on the cheap”


bought the mutafukaz Blu-ray today and will be asking a few friends whether they want to join me for a three-or-four evening back-to-back screening of FLCL, directly followed by that mf’ing wild ride.
in French w/ subs, yes.

this is going to be great.


the action choreography in The Night Comes For Us is pretty bonkers



Ralf Breaks the internet was slightly less orgasmicly capitalism than I was expecting and really made no logical sense but the message of friendship got me in the end so I guess best movie ever.

Venom was fine. Not as weird as I was expecting that it split audiences.

Jupiter Ascending also made zero sense and was like the 2 hour recut of 12 episodes of an anime. Just a steady stream of things happen with zero regard for character or motivation or development. The 15 seconds of our heroine being smart is a look of what could have been. Also space boots.

I saw Shoplifters @OneSecondBefore . It was better than expected. Much more about small moments and life’s ennui in a good way. I had to skip about 30 minutes throughout to finish it before I landed. it got way messier than i expect from a film and I appreciated that life like realness.

Final film was Bad Times At The El Royale which I had never heard o-140 Minutes?!? God some studio needed to rip the editor and director of this. It was doing it’s own thing but also the specter of Tarantino loomed large. I liked it though! I was curious what was going to happen throughout and not really having answers was good.

I screamed FUCK YOU on the plane when Jon Hamm’s shit southern accent said he was from Biloxi. I mean at least he said Biloxi right. The ladies’ Alabaman was good.


Yeah, there’s something about El Royale that’s just… idk, it keeps you interested in it, even though it seems to take forever, at least that’s what 99% of the audience worldwide seems to say.

I tend to get a bit irritated when a movie drags on for too long, a temper that has made me ignore games i would have loved to play a decade ago, and i am still getting more sensitive about this. So, if a movie manages to make me feel like it lasted 1.5h instead of 2+ish, it did a good job.

talking about movies that surprised me, re Inside Out:
watched the pixar animation flick a few days ago, and really loved it. idk, a lot more people seem to have seen this movie than i ever thought? - but nobody has talked about it when i was around, if someone had just mentioned a single aspect of it, i would have jumped at it.

So, i guess i have always been somewhere else when it came up, and finally got around to watching it, and loved it.

In the highly unlikely case that you, dear reader, haven’t heard of this movie before, like yours truly: This is a movie about five emotions controlling the life of a girl.

If that’s up your alley, go watch it. now.


Inside Out never sat right with me. While this might sound stupid, its internal fiction doesn’t make sense, and because the movie is constantly asking you to interact with the “rules” of the brainworld, I was very distracted and the emotional catharsis was deadened. This is a problem with Pixar movies in general, they are too clever by half and can’t match up their high-concept fantasyworlds with the simple morality they’re pushing. The Lego Movie honestly does a much better job at the “fantasy nestled within the real world” issue, by making it briefer, vaguer and more mysterious.


why Wall-E is best


yech no the Jeff what’s his name character’s scenes constantly ruin Wall-E

I do not miss the time in the mid aughts when everyone had to collectively agree that Pixar movies were amazing

(I’d probably take Up first followed by the Brad Bird ones)


I miss when Stephanie Zacharek wrote for Salon because she consistently hated most of them


the whole premise of Inside Out expects you to sympathize with a family who has moved from the midwest to the absolute heart of gentrifying San Francisco and I just can’t do it

it kind of seems like Pixar’s most honest attempt to represent themselves on screen though


Especially with Inside out you have to consider that this movie is aiming squarely at an audience that doesn’t know or read Freud (sorry Felix!), but is confronted with a very complex concept they pretty likely have never thought about.

Likely they’ll be coming away with a very simplified, but nevertheless pretty much (beforehand) non-existent mental image of how a thing works in the world, and it just happens to be a thing that isn’t an abstract concept like loneliness or friendship, but how you, as a person, are functioning. Central to this image is that everyone is different (in how they are “run”, i.e. how they are feeling, and why), and i feel that the real strenght of this movie lies in how effortlessly it manages to convey this very abstract and complicated concepts - a few days later, i still struggle to come up with any other movie that manages to hit home so closely, nonwithstanding any issues i may have with the way how simplified the model is that is portrayed.

Clearly, and i agree, this doesn’t hold up well if you have dived deeper into psychology, i agree - personally would have loved it if it didn’t just narrow the bandwith of emotions down to five, or how some of the emotions are falling a bit short on what they mean for the whole personality… but then i feel that’s key to make this mental model work:
it doesn’t need to be super complex or as close to the real thing as it may dare without overloading its audience aged <18, it ‘just’ needs to make clear how all of the cogs work with/against each other, what the results are, and as the person influenced by them reacts (e.g. how they are not knowing why they behave that way).

This attempt at establishing a mental model is the very bold thing to try to convey to such an audience, and i would love to see more of that kind of effort instead of rehashing movies that already exist, as justified as some “improvements” to their setup or storylines may be (yeah, i knowwwww, sounds like grumpy old person that doesn’t get happy by seeing these new dumbo, lion king or aladin trailers, but i am getting older, after all, and why waste so mich effort, talent and money on window dressing).


And before you ask, yeah, i really enjoyed watching it. Didn’t expect so!


also the Richard Kind character is so good

I agree the rest of the movie doesn’t really work but he is one of my favourite things they’ve done


btw I remember actually liking the like, actual plot of Inside Out. I just found the frame story with her family in SF to be extremely grating


No surprise-Spiderverse was great glad I got to see it on a big screen.


Bug’s Life 2 when?


I liked Inside Out as a movie but hate it on principle because it insinuates that broccoli on pizza is disgusting and that’s wrong you idiots

I hate you because this way better than my description of JA than my go-to “Light Novel: The Motion Picture”

Captain Marvel was okay, I liked the part where Goku went super saiyan and helped Piccolo and the other Namekians escape from Frezia after getting help from Mr. Satan and Bulma (it was a strong decision for Marvel to cast both of these characters with black actors and I applaud them for doing so)