MUWT 2: The Quickening


it wasn’t even like he was killing anyone though, his Great Crime was robbing rich privatization hero tony stark, who robbed working class vulture of his livelihood by using his government connections to get a monopoly on alien tech salvage


He was making alien super guns and selling them on a black market where they were likely to end up in the hands of criminal gangs who would use them to hurt innocent people. Had he been sourcing his materials legally and selling them on a regulated market to armies where presumably they would only be used against other armies then he would have been more on a Tony Stark kind of level. This is Marvel Morality, the law is always on the side of good therefore anything outside the law is bad.


I think the Great Crime was more about selling those weapons to the highest bidder. it’s not like he was using them to be Birdman


I want to see that in a Birdman sequel.


well except when Captain America decides the law has overstepped

in the context of “Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman” yeah - no breakie breakie the law


I won’t attempt to square that circle.


captain america goes rogue because he’s anti-gun control, while spiderman and tony stark and black panther fight to keep the equalizer of alien tech weaponry out of the hands of the underclass


That’s Actual Morality I’m talking about just Marvel Morality.


I haven’t watched Fury Road since it was first in theaters, now throwing on the Black and Chrome edition I was curious about English Descriptive Audio, found myself carried almost halfway through by a voice like Spike Spiegel’s (Steve Blum?)

Some kind of reverse engineering after listening to a lot of audiobooks recently thing, would rather not have my imagination so cinema-ed but want more weird contrasts.




Pokefloats confirmed


I am extremely excited for the big twist where that dude’s dad played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and got ‘pikachu with a hat’ on the personality quiz


man, did I say I saw Lego Movie 2

I saw Lego Movie 2

it does the thing where it’s a secret musical and also it tries to address the whole “hey WyldstyleLucy was actually the one doing anything of note and Emmet was just kind of there until the plot deemed him Protagonist” and also kind of makes the villain someone who was embittered by being left alone to his own devices in what could possibly construed as toxic masculinity and I guess does an okay job because the script seems sincere about it (the real people part of the plot is a lot more fleshed out and is important to the Lego part)

it’s funny too, mostly because it enjoys dunking on the tastes of teenage boys


Climax is getting an US release tomorrow

It’s great! Gaspar Noe’s best work even though you should definitely have outgrown him by now

:gotohell: :lilskip:


how many people walked out of the theater during the cg wiener scene when you saw enter the void? for me it was: 3


the number of people that walked out of my living room where i was watching it alone: 1


i’m seeing Climax on Saturday because i heard from @dongle that it’s actually good.

Enter the Void was the first one i saw by him, and the best part was at the end, when it goes all white and says “ENTER THE VOID” and some lady in the audience said “are you fucking serious?” and the entire audience lost it


I don’t like Enter the Void but I wish I did

but I have a decade-long obsession with that credits sequence

I keep looking for bigger screens and darker rooms to watch it on

I’m hoping that time I watched it in VR is not the end of my journey

I may even like it more than Hype Williams does


best thing to come of ENTER THE VOID was @wonder_momo’s ENTER THE NOID gif