MUWT 2: The Quickening


man, just think of McGyver totally McGyvering Die Hard. The series would have been over after #2, because nobody sane enough would have ever done anything bad again.

Going up against his Gyverness?
Forget about it.


what if they had went with The Guyver


Holy shit.

Still that doesn’t explain CYF. And Jackie Chan. I guess Hong Kong is just way better at casting


I watched these movies over the past few weeks:

Memories of Murder

I did not know that this was a comedy going in, and I think I might have liked it better if it hadn’t been. I guess I’m ambivalent about this one in the same way I was about Snowpiercer and The Host. I enjoyed parts of all three but found other parts a little too forced. I liked the music.


I’d heard that this was similar to Noroi, and that’s true to some extent. It’s much less serious, though, and I was disappointed by that even as I found the story engaging (and a certain cameo amusing). But a scene at the end made me glad that they took the approach they did. Good soundtrack, too.

Cell 211

Plausibility aside, I found this compelling and tense with some good characters. I guess it’s because I had seen it just recently, but the development of one of the characters reminded me of Memories of Murder.


I saw Deadpool 2
It’s hard to notice anything besides Zazie Beetz’s perfect hair.

I didn’t like the movie as much as the original. It seemed less funny.


wait what


(not to bother you on not being into the movie, i just don’t remember it as a comedy at all so i’m curious)


I didn’t mean to imply that comedy is the main focus, but a lot of scenes seem clearly intended to be humorous. Much of it is a mean or dark humor for sure, though. The first clue for me was the officers repeatedly slipping on the wet hill in the initial crime scene.


finished watching the Indiana Jones trilogy today.

Temple of Doom: nothing to say here that hasn’t been said earlier in the thread. it’s kind of a fun movie, but it’s dumb as hell and some of the writing/script decisions are just…totally confusing (including the racism in this).

Last Crusade: ok, this movie rules. maybe it’s because it’s the only movie i was actually able to see in a theater at release, but i think it’s the strongest of the three (or perhaps on par with Raiders, at least). just really entertaining throughout, and the cast choices are all perfect. also i totally forgot how the boobytraps at the end with the Holy Grail scared the hell out of me when i was a kid.

now, that only leaves…Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. i think i’m going to just watch it because it exists as this bogeyman i’ve been avoiding since it came out.


Crystal Skull isn’t terrible but it’s not great either. It’s just kind of a mediocre adventure movie. Has some nice moments and bit of fan service for the die hards who rewatch the movies a lot. Put up against the original trilogy it just comes off as totally unnecessary. Like why bother revisiting these characters? Especially when Last Crusade was the perfect ending for the series. Oh right because franchises and stuff.

They were clearly setting it up so that if people responded well they could use it as a jumping off point for a new trilogy with Shia Labeouf in the Indy role. But instead everyone was like lol no thx. I liked it but not like I like the original movies. It’s on Netflix so I will probably watch it again.


I just rewatched those for the first time in like ten years a couple days ago! They are great!!


Raiders taught me what a nazi swastika looks like and what nazi leaders look like: leering old white supremacists in glasses who like mysticism, fantasy and science fiction… Actually I’m cancelling the point I was going to make with this post; instead I’d like to note that Wikipedia says the main Nazi leader was almost:

  • played by Klaus Kinski
  • a cyborg with “a metal arm that could transform into a flamethrower and machine gun”


Friends of mine have a vast collection of terrible movies, and last night they introduced us to Lethal Ninja (also known as “For Hire”).

It’s supposed to be about a mayor hiring a ninja to clear a gang out of Chinatown but between the horrible editing and laughable fight choreography it lost track of its own plot about halfway through. The titular ninja has a very inappropriate sensei-student relationship with the mayor’s 14 year old son before the film even starts (which is never explained, especially since the mayor meets the ninja for the first time during the movie). Racial slurs are dropped a few times, there’s a pointless topless dance, the main villain makes the creepiest o-face, and we could have made a drinking game over how many times the boom mike entered the shot.

Recommended if you like bad movies.


I took Memories of Murder to be a comedy too. The one dude who just kept jump kicking everyone at inappropriate times cracked me and my friends up.


yeah, i think for me it’s been closer to 20 years (gulp) since i’d last seen them, which was part of why i wanted to revisit. i’ve sort of been on a kick this past year of revisiting stuff from my past.


I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming

What a good reboot. I like the new Aunt May. I like the new MJ. I like that Spider-Man is being mentored by Iron Man. Tom Holland is great as Spider-Man.


how about that Michael Keaton?


He’s great too. I loved the dad talk.


Spiderman homecoming is the last marvel thing I saw and michael keaton was cool but it’s weird how he’s the villain, idk if they’re lacking in self awareness bc I didn’t think anything he was doing was wrong.


well he’s kind of a shades of gray villain. the classic “doing the wrong things for the right reasons” bad guy. we know he loves his family and in the end he protects Spidey’s identity. that was one reason he was actually compelling unlike Remorseless Evil Character #14