MUWT 2: The Quickening


the one part of bond movies they haven’t topped is the bit when he’d be talking to Judy Dench and Desmond Llewellyn


This was bugging me until I decided there should be a pulp exception. Within the tone of your world cackling evil might fit without teaching lessons about the real world (but that’s not right, Wolfenstein 2 is great at illustrating its diverse family and revealing the human venality under its super-generals). But the middlebrow and attempting highbrow world sends signals that this is supposed to be taken seriously, is supposed to be real, and villainy is still allowed to be spotlighted and different from us, and that’s a lot more dangerous. And the modern urge towards gritty and real in our fantasy has reduced the tone signifiers between pulp and highfalutin’ and really scrambled where the truths are inside the art.

Like a lot of culture we don’t have a clear transition point where we discard the childish notions of bad guys and these days we take up swearing and cursing and deep-shadowed color grading and call it good


Sometimes Tom Cruise doing 9 billion actual HALO jumps to make a fucking movie is its own reward, felix.


robert rodriguez did it, he created live action moe


Yeah like I wasn’t thinking about character nuances while that was happening. My jaw was on the floor.

It helps that I didn’t know about it going in. And it was in the theater


Really not feeling alita tbh. It feels like almost every scene is either characters arguing about random shit that doesn’t need to be argued about or dumping backstory or lore or whatever on you. Plus it forgoes denouement for sequel hooks.

Super here for backflipping over shit in slow motion tho. What was the first movie to have that shot?

The rollerball scene is neat but I think robert rodriguez is like, a second tier action filmmaker at best. This is probably the hardest you can push the pg13 rating fwiw? Like it has a bilateral bisections and a character getting the brawl in cell block 99 face treatment. Still wish it was way more violent and bloody but I say that about almost literally everything.

Def trying my hardest not to view this thru the lens of the comic being one of my favs and it being obviously worse in comparison. I’m glad yukito kishiro likes it though.

Snickered literally every time the words PANZER KUNST were spoken aloud


Wandering earth was fine and some of the imagery of jupiter like, siphoning off the earth’s life force and one of people frozen underwater was like, the last jedi tier.


I don’t mean this in a horny way but jennifer connelly is one beautiful lady!


jencon is ethereal


I did used to get annoyed with new wolfensteins because I didn’t want cartoon nazis with magic and robot zombies I wanted to kill real nazis as graphically as possible, in vr. what else is increasingly uncomfortable realism in murder simulators for if not that


Nuwolf is interested in the humanity of its heroes in a way most pulp isn’t and that’s about the only way it gets away with it.

The concentration camp in the first one not having bad enough conditions remains very close to being enough for me to write the series off


I think my favorite part of the movie is the idea of Jencon and Christoph Walz having a kid together


I am so glad they got Christoph Waltz for that role instead of James Cameron’s original preferred picks, Arnold Schwarznegger and Sam Worthington


I think there’s some cosmic rule wherein every good action movie ever made couldn’t get the cast they wanted


christoph waltz played such a perfect anime role in the same way that dave bautista’s giant head and tiny glasses went together in blade runner


Bautista’s character really was a platonic ideal of character actor; costume and actor just as they are becoming an everything


Nawww, unless you know something about Die Hard and every CYF movie that I don’t


I watched both escape from… movies today and it owns how much snake plissken hates america lmao



Bruce was “the Moonlighting guy.”

He wasn’t even on the original poster, the idea of him + action movie was considered so potentially alienating. They released Bruce posters when it was proving a success!