MUWT 2: The Quickening


still can’t believe he doesn’t sell an XXL version in a Conehead skull


since when


making bad guys guys who just want to kill Everyone isn’t making them more monstrous, that’s just turning them into a cartoon. actual nazi ideology should be enough. nobody should need to have fascists want to kill them personally before they can empathize with people targeted by fascism. now we got people thinking actual fascists are free speech activists cause I guess they’re waiting for world domination speeches and black uniforms and skull emblems before it becomes authentically fascist enough.

I would imagine a large percentage of people with a negative view of antifa is solely because of the black clothing. disneyland morality.


Of all his films this is probably not a good example but I remember watching Planet Terror and at parts thinking “at least making something so inherently messy feel smooth, is something of a feat”


Since Spy Kids 3, a Robert Rodriguez digital file.


I don’t believe you


I’ve seen movies Robert Rodriguez has made since the third Spy Kids opus and its the same lurching keyframe bullshit with very occasional grace notes he’s always done

I remember a producer on Once Upon a Time in Mexico telling the story of sending him down below the border with an impending strike. She thought he wouldn’t be able to get the whole movie shot before production halted, but at least they’d have most of it and he could get editing and they’d go back to pick the rest up later. Surprise! He finished with time to spare! It’s because he edits himself, she said. He has the shot list in his head, he knows just what he needs and what he doesn’t so he can shoot a Big Action Scene without a lot of coverage and get it done fast.

But all the action in that movie is whack as hell? His instincts must have been bad on the day? He can’t have really known what he needed 'cause he’s still doing this cut cut cut shit like any other generic motherfucker but he’s missing the tissue to make it work?

Desperado skates entirely on Antonio’s charisma and tan and yeah El Mariachi is an incredible achievement considering but you have more than five-thousand US dollars now Robert quit gaslighting your girlfriends and make a real movie maybe Alita is a real movie I haven’t seen it don’t @ me


I mean, I was being facetious, because have you seen Spy Kids 3: Game Over?


I try not to think about most of that decade


It recently ended up on Netflix and I decided to watch it for the first time.

It was very much an early film in the “3D is back, baybee!” wave that has yet to subside.


That summer my friend’s argument for seeing it was literally “when will we get another chance to see a 3D movie in a theater?”


complex opinion involving robert rodriguez incoming:

none of the Predator movies since the first one have been good enough to justify making a sequel, but both Predators and The Predator are still underrated (a little)

edit: Wait Rodriguez didn’t direct Predators, he only produced it? What the fuck


how fucking dare you mistake the indelible work of Nimrod Antal for any other filmmaker


also he didn’t write the final script, but it’s based on a script fox commissioned from Rodriguez in the early 90’s

maybe he gets a Story By credit?

no way it would be very easy to look this up on the internet


There is some glorious Commando-style action-movie shlock in The Predator that I loved. Also felt like the tone was exactly right. Good goofy gore gags.

Like Predators, though, it does indeed suck overall. I think the problem with a lot of these is that they don’t know what they’re trying to accomplish - is it going to be a serious sci-fi horror movie, or is it going to be goofy action shlock? You gotta pick one.


the only good part in The Predator is when Traitor Predator kills all those guys in the back of a truck and then uses one of their disembodied arms to give a thumbs up to an idiot


I’m not sure what happened when they were storyboarding and writing mission impossible fallout where everything after the title crawl and before the bathroom fight (like the second 15 minutes of the movie, with Alec Baldwin and the casual reference to waterboarding and the dumb halo jump) is the most obvious exposition and manufactured conflict and the rest of the movie is largely great

it’s like they felt compelled to deliver a bad intro on top of the good one




Are you telling me you don’t like Neufenstein


they simultaneously telegraph “actually the bad guy” and “brash and unprofessional” at the same time and it’s like… what? it’s jarring