MUWT 2: The Quickening


I didn’t say this was fine and great or anything


also, before I forget to dump my thoughts

oh no

Alita was good

all my teeth-gnashing and mocking over the past 9 months about the eyes and how this movie was being sent out to die with three separate release dates was for naught once I got to the first action scene and went oh wait, Robert Rodriguez knows how to stage and shoot action and work heavily with VFX

well, if we got a second Pacific Rim, this should get like, 3 more movies and a prequel, right


Unfortunately it will probably take around 7 more movies before they get to the Penis Monster from Mercury


“Good” is a strong word for Alita but, like, it was ok. Great production design, very good action scenes and meh to bad on everything else, so for a Hollywood action movie that’s doing pretty well.


one of my favourite things about you is how no matter how busy you get as an adult, you’ve always seen every new action movie within days of its release in theatres


You just have to go alone at 10 by yourself after the kids are down. Never sleep, is the key.


laughing maniacally at anyone who doesn’t go to movies early in the AM or late at night

I bet you see movies during the weekend too



i still can’t help but like indiana jones a lot, but the series is definitely uh ‘problematic.’ i think it became such a mainstream success so quickly and resolutely that it is easy to forget that spielberg & lucas looked to old genre movies and serials and stuff for inspiration in a way that was more or less the same game as idiotic ‘anti-political correctness’ crusaders, and basically wanted to to a movie where Men were Men and Colonizers had to protect the Treasures of the World from crude native children or whatever. making Jones an archaeologist who wants to keep fascists from getting artifacts is more or less just a cover for some white man’s burden bullshit.

i think the stuff with marion is basically part of this. like lucas thought jones statutory raping a teenager made him more like one of his heroes of old. it’s gross!

this is why temple of doom is the best one, btw, because it is so unrepentant in its bullshit that it is almost possible to look at it as self-satire


and then Lucas did it without outside assistance again 15 years later and blessed us with Jar Jar and Watto


i’ve been thinking a lot about how the entire convention of fiction about ‘aliens’ has virtually always been an excuse for people who want to keep thinking of foreigners as not being human


Raiders and Crusade work because the villains are Nazis and thus anyone running up against Indy is also bad because they are Nazis or Nazi-adjacent (and also placing the films either in Africa or pre-war Europe help dodge some of the “but what about the coerced people” issues)

Temple is “oh shit guy, what are you doing”

Crystal Skull is… I mean, one could argue that the Nazis are kind of an analog for the Soviets in Raiders and Crusade but actually having them as villains is maybe not the best (and also the fridge thing is totally in-sync with a series of movies that includes the existence of God and ripping out a man’s heart from his chest and then the heart catches on fire)


Anglo (and to a lesser degree Russian) empires rode out “at least better than the Nazis” for ideological cover through the entire 20th century which is pretty remarkable really


jesus christ did you seriously just remove the agency of African Nazi agents to justify liking a movie

what the fuck


that last season of Archer was pretty good though


i would almost be able to defend crystal skull, there is actually some really good character stuff with jones in the beginning of the movie and everything about blanchett’s character is hilarious. her hairdo is perfect. it also works in this weird 4d chess way where the first three movies are riffing off of old racist serials and the 4th one transmogrifies that into a take on 50’s b-grade sci-fi (nuclear panic, giant ants, flying saucers, etc).

but the cgi is just a tragedy and it has shia labeouf in it. sorry. the movie sucks.


you had to move on to nuclear fears if only because you can’t have the same character dunk on the Nazis the same way for a third time (like, Last Crusade is already operating in the mode of Hollywood Give Them More sequel) and if they were going to involve WWII-era antagonists, placing the Japanese as adversaries would never end well

unless it was a Manchuko plot or something

no, that sounds even worse


I saw crystal skull at a drive in which should’ve redeemed it but then I got high and fell asleep


Crystal Skull can only be redeemed by having an intermediary describe it to you while inebriated


at least Dan Aykroyd’s vodka brand was unharmed


but that’s the inherent problem with using nazis/enter any obviously evil group of people, isn’t it:
you walk a razor-sharp thin line between being too lenient (“but the nazis are almost likeable, so the director is a nazi as well”), or making them out to be caricatures of nazis - so idk, better err on the safe side and make sure to portray them as monstrous as you dare, to make sure that you aren’t booted because someone feels like you should not portray them nazis as being ‘nice’ (which still would be monstrous, but that’s another topic worth of points to talk about) ?

Considering that, I am still surprised that Man in the High castle didn’t get more flak at some points, where it felt like the show was getting close to being almost vague about this whole thing.