MUWT 2: The Quickening


yeah! totally!!


also remember that she is the mother of his child, if we’re agreeing to recognize that movie


if you mean Crystal Skull, i never watched it because i heard it was not very good, but i think i’m going to rewatch the trilogy over the next month, so i’ll probably throw that in there, as well.


it’s not very good and often inexplicable but also I like Temple of Doom so what do I know


this is a good reminder for all middle aged men that every time you think your fictional construct just won’t be quite right without that one particular anachronism that anyone younger would tell you is no longer in any kind of acceptable taste and won’t accomplish anything but upsetting people,

you should scrap it

also Crystal Skull is really bad and I would give it a miss unless you want to remind yourself how completely everyone forgot how to make endearing cinematic pulp in the mid aughts



Spielberg remembered eventually when he did Tintin


Temple of Doom is the best one IMO

Also in Raiders there is the scene where Marcus arrives at Indy’s house and I think there is still evidence of one of his female students clothes lying around on the furniture, although they edited out the shots of the actual girl being in the room


Indiana Jones is I think the most overrated series of all time, esp in terms of hype in relation to quality. Temple of Doom is Star Wars prequel level of terrible.


unrelated to Indiana Jones, i also watched Venom today because i heard it was a weird good time and also i have a new TV and want to watch stuff in Dolby Vision.

it was…weird! not necessarily bad, but some of it is really inexplicable and incoherent.


who the fuck told you this

I want names


i’ll just say a Kotaku video editor who isn’t Tim


mostly he said that Tom Hardy has a bizarre accent that sounds most reminiscent of Bobcat Goldthwait


Raiders is basically a perfect action-adventure movie, possible offscreen teenage sex nothwithstanding

I mean name any action scene better than the truck scene, or the fistfight with the huge Nazi by the weird flying wing fighter. You can’t.


I mean sure, Temple is weird and basically bad and Crusaders is basically a comedy (pretty good one though) but Raiders man. Raiders.


Raiders is fine. It’s the only good one. I’ve never been blown away by it.

Basically Spielberg peaked in the 70s



Never picked up on this before and holy shit gross


in fairness “just a kid” could easily mean that she was like 20 and he was 30 depending on how they’re framing it

I don’t think it’s a particularly egregious example thanks to Spielberg knowing enough to leave his horn dog friend’s suggestion ambiguous

hell at that rate the idea of a woman actually holding her professor sleeping with her against him is borderline progressive for 1981


Your hererosexual white male-ness out does us all.


speaking of indy

just an article about how movie fascist caricatures allow people to just say “that’s not me/us” easier


yes, movies like this for sure helped reinforce the horrifying fiction that we in the US are “the good guys,” and this was undoubtedly the intent, too