MUWT 2: The Quickening


Does it feature Blue Öyster Cult tattoos, references to Slaine MacRoth and delicious milk pudding tho


Yes barely, no from what I could see, and perhaps with Jack’s Smirking Overview

Damnit thanks @Tulpa well, knew I was forgetting at least one other.


i said it in Goings On, but i think Alita kind of ruled. in a way similar to Speed Racer, but also in a way that felt like watching a dub from the 90s.

it feels like a relic from the 90s in so many ways, with kids just rollerblading all the time.

what i’m saying is, i had a good time.


making a letterboxd account and reading the descriptions of the kinds of movies i’ve loved is making me think a lot.

“A young man develops severe neck pain after swimming in a polluted river; his dysfunctional parents are unable to provide any relief for him or themselves.”

i read that and i’m like… ‘fuck yes! yes! yes!’


what this person said


aye whats ur letterboxd



Hell yeah Ley Lines


I watched Alita today. I’d say it was pretty decent, fun movie. It did a reasonable job capturing the vibe of the manga considering it is hollywood (so a lot of the more wacky elements are toned down considerably).

They got most of the characters right, except Desty Nova. What the hell happened there, look at any panel from the manga with him in it, you’ll see it’s Willem Dafoe. Instead we got Edward Norton doing some bad cosplay

Definitely a bit overstuffed with unnecessary plot trimmings though.
My friend who saw it yesterday said it felt to him that they tried to cram all 9 books into one movie. It only covers the first 2, but I can see why he would think that based on how many extraneous plot elements are vying for screen time.

They could have left all the Motorball stuff for the sequel and it would have made it flow better, although I guess that movie ain’t happening.


Yeah Nova looked off, blank and not menacing. Also divergent from the manga, as he shouldn’t exactly be big bad guy in the sky. Could work out depending. The movie stays in a similar frame to the OVA covering roughly the first 2 volumes, but then chunks of 3-4 and a few bits later on.

They did cram more than necessary in a 2 hr frame, cool as it was to see motorball. Better built up in background, so everything could develop more evenly, save that arc into the next film. Huge spectacle goal of theirs though so I bet in remained in drafts no matter what shot they got.


Yeah I found it weird that they seemed to base a lot of the plot on the OVA version, with the Chiren / Vector / Grewishka (sp?) stuff. Was there a Manga side story about Chiren that I missed?

Maybe James Cameron just really loves the OVA because of how much it ripped of the main theme to Terminator


Chiren’s only from the anime far as I recall, which is clear as the rainy night full of foghead I watched it ~Y2K. Been ages since I’ve read Alita too so this all has me wanting to pick up Last Order again, maybe Mars Chronicle.

I don’t doubt Cameron and crew read well in. How much will show if they get to the next one; some remix is fine but they’ve gotta go wilder with concepts, much more grey and brutal.


Beyond White Space is Moby Dick set in the far-flung future, in bare bones fashion. I had to stop watching after the crew not only did not act as if the pretend agent from space-Fish and Wildlife Service was some waste of space getting in their way but have this same pretend agent decide to hold onto her real ICE (space police and also a terrible choice of acronym) badge underneath her shirt. This is revealed because she stubbornly decides to not hide with the other two women crew members on threat of rape, causes an altercation with the head pirate by pulling out a fucking gun, immediately getting slammed against the bulkhead and having that pirate feel her up.

Said pirate, feeling betrayed for…some reason…decides to take “everything” (not searching for the other women in hiding for…some reason) and the crew is left not acting too concerned about splitting two small plastic bags of cheerios until they get back to station. INSTEAD, the captain notAhab decides this is the perfect time to hunt down the White Whale Tien Lung, celestial guardian of the heavens Ten Lung.

It’s a “so bad it flailed past funny bad to just too bad, please don’t try again” movie. I’d only return to it if I had a group together to sit down and survive it together, a la The Quiet Man of the SB meetup.


Speaking of ANIME I saw City Hunter Shinjuku Private Eyes. I saw it in Shinjuku. That’s cool.

Seeing multiple terrorist attacks no matter how neutered is pretty upsetting! Not in a good way.

Also they revive this property after so many years and like hey the music from City Hunter, old cars that were old when the manga was new, 80s fashion. That’s all great. They also do absolutely nothing beyond that. All the pervert as a character trait is still there and after like the 10th time of Ryo getting hit in the head with a hammer because he’s a pervert…

I went from annoyed to bored to really bored to just waiting for the next jukebox of song from City Hunter’s discography to come up.

Almost all the backgrounds are real locations so seeing a drone based terrorist attack where I walk by regularly is really upsetting even if the massive ammounts of the machine gun fire manage to kill no one.

The humor lost me, the premise upset me, and the action scenes had zero sense of danger. Minute 5 of our hero running away from constant minigun and missle fire in Shinjuku Gyoen (hey they found somewhere plausible in Shinjuku to have zero people to hold a big explosion filled battle that directly references Terminator 2 and Predator 1 for no reason.

In short City Hunter’s soundtrack is it’s legacy so GET WILD AND TOUGH.


God forgot there is also a completely for laughs gay fashion designer that is lol a perve towards the guy characters so they get to shut him down that walked straight out of…well 2019 Japanese variety television :sweatpig:


i decided to rewatch Raiders of the Lost Ark recently to see how i liked it (probably hadn’t seen it since i was 12). i think it was well done and entertaining, but i sure did never pick up on the “Indiana Jones is a pedophile” subplot as a kid.


Wait the what subplot?!?


it’s not really a subplot, just a random detail of his and Marion’s relationship


yeah, exactly.

so when Jones first meets Marion (the female protagonist/love interest of the film), she is really, really pissed off at him and seemingly traumatized by the fact that Jones had sex with her when, in her own words, she was “just a kid” (he responds with “you knew what you were doing”).

it’s pretty jarring?

according to a friend who knows a lot about movies, Spielberg and Lucas argued about Marion’s official age of when they slept together. Lucas apparently was pretty insistent on her age being 13, while Spielberg argued for older.


it’s weird that they would have that there while having him also flustered by the girls in his lecture coming on to him