MUWT 2: The Quickening


man an alt-history black empowerment version of the 2011 NBA lockout that contains almost no actual basketball is the most niche concept on earth but that was a solid flick

girlfriend experience, magic mike, and this one really make for a labor/bodies as commodities college syllabus


being 14 is watching little miss sunshine and thinking its cool when dwayne screams “fuck”, being 22 is crying at that part and the part where he says ‘do what u love and fuck the rest’, and noticing the dad’s character is funny because hes a self help guy who commits the sin of actually believing his own bullshit

america’s motto is ‘let delusions drive you’


I watched dirty dancing last night. now i get why people were real sad when patrick swayze died. he brings a lot of, uh, pathos? to a sort of dirtbag character, and his transformation from gruff hard-ass to sensitive guy feels earned. especially because it doesn’t feel like a transformation…more of “letting himself be seen.”

jennifer grey is of course wonderful as well. her good-girl-doing-naughty-things doesn’t feel forced at all - she’s just…learning i guess.

anyway, she’s supposed to be 17 and he’s definitely at least 27 so that’s creepy


my favourite anecdote about Patrick Swayze is how apparently for years every time Road House was on cable, Joel and Bill Murray would call Kelly Lynch’s husband and say “hey. turn on channel 33. Patrick Swayze is sleeping with your wife again.”


When I was a kid, every once in a while my parent’s would play their copy of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack on cassette at night, when everyone was in bed, at high volume. It would come blasting down the hall





I don’t know how old I was when I figured out that it meant they were putting things into other things, etc. but now I can’t be confronted with Dirty Dancing without thinking of my folks doin’ it so thanks Mom + Dad?


I, too, will now think of your parents having sex when I watch Dirty Dancing


you’re welcome


To hide my sex crimes from my parents it was definitely TV volume on 50, DVDs of Fifth Element and Rush Hour thru the PS2


were you a big chris tucker fan




i didn’t have a vhs player so i had to enter the lava ringed bedroom zone via boy meets world reruns


I… I didn’t get to cross the lava until after DVDs came out… ;_;


i don’t think i went on a single school trip when half the girls didn’t basically sing all of grease and time of my life in the back of bus
it was so noisy


I’d call that lucky, on my school trips it was always The Song That Doesn’t End from Lamb Chop’s Play Along


god i hate grease so much

i hate that movie

Dirty Dancing was like the anti-grease

Cool guy, good girl, they get together and have sex and stuff but

neither of them have to change the fundamentals of their personality, they just learn to be better people…together!

i hate grease


fuck grease


I think I’ve seen this pornhub category


This Yesterday film looks like a giant pile of shit!! Fuck. We’ve reached the end point of liking things as a personality! Now a whole movie is what if you were the only one that liked a thing. Then you got praise for sharing it.

Anyways y’all watch The Passenger, listen to Home Like No Place Is There, and play Ranko Tsukihime’s Longest Day.

Alita thoughts

The best western bigger $$$ adaptation of a manga/anime yet, which may not be saying a lot but look, more in tone than All Shell No Ghost. Okay rivaled by All You Need Is Kill (Edge of Tomorrow). It does show trying to cram so much into a 2 hour span, ending on a more open season / sequel promise we may never get. And it totally deserves more, so I hope.

Been like 15 years since I last finished a read of the manga (original Vols. 1-9), maybe longer since watching the short OVA. In that time, even longer since Cameron originally took a visible interest (circa '99-00, The Matrix era). Some of the impact Hollywood could’ve adapted isn’t quite the same now: comparing had it been done say more toward a decade back when he chose to do Avatar instead. I think hurdles remained whoever ended up directing it, cgfests cyberpunk and transhumanism are far more recognized than niche. Now just more mundane and APPLE-ized compared to the 90’s and early 00’s darker romance.

It’s fun, sweet, sad, and vicious. Having to remix the first third or so of the original story into something different, it’s still pretty damn faithful where it counts.

Personally would’ve enjoyed it being closer to source material R-rated, but the concession for an edgier PG-13 I see drawing more in. That and another 20-30 minutes would’ve let everything breathe better. It’s still a success, and for Rodriguez imo, near Sin City. Wavering around B+. If it had crushing problems I’d drain it, can’t help but see this one half full though. Peep it if you’re interested, doesn’t deserve to bomb.


Here he comes
Here comes Speed Racer
He’s a demon on wheels