MUWT 2: The Quickening


Hideo to announce new Death Stranding mobile gatcha tie in, preorder for bonus Naked Mads in freeze


finally got around to watch Glass, and I agree, like you mentioned the idea of setting up the big superhero showdown like that was a nice idea

and they got me there as well, when that TV news report introduced the osaka tower, i was all ‘yeah OK, that’s going to play a role in this story, alright’… i expected the shyamalan trademark twist to be the great escape from Samuel L., though that was quite a nice surprise.

also, am i the only person that was kind of irritated that during the third day trial-esque scene, the turtle neck of psychologist was sloped? i was expecting that it magically got corrected in the next scene, but no, it remains that way throughout the whole scene, so it may have been a deliberate choice.
I interpreted this as a way of showing that the audience should get that she’s not perfect as well, though in hindsight, it was probably just Mr Shyamalan being obsessed with details, because that would be a weird way of foreshadowing…

Anyway, i liked Glass better than Split, though i haven’t seen unbreakable for a long time, so that may/may not be the better of this trilogy.


Unbreakable is the only good adaptation of Beowulf in any medium send tweet


this is gonna be my favorite movie that i absolutely never watch


Watched some rando herman yau movie because I’ve heard various good things about herman yau as a director and it was on freeleech on my private tracker and anthony wong is in it in some willlllld fits.

Anyway, it is extremely boring and I don’t think I’m going to watch any more of this herman yau guy’s movies but I screencapped all the looks:


i like to take every possible moment to recommend people getting into anthony wong’s extremely poorly conceived singing career

(this song actually owns though)


i saw ‘the interview’ by harun farocki (not seth rogen) and now i need to watch every harun farocki documentary there is


@shrug how do u feel about the hunted




Last night Errol Morris (who lives in and shoots his films in the Boston area) showed his new film American Dharma at the Harvard Film Archive and spoke about it afterward. In the tradition of his previous films Mr. Death, The Fog of War, and The Unknown Known, it’s a feature-length interview with an absolutely terrible piece of shit. This time it’s Steve Bannon.

Morris has had a hell of a time with this film. It’s gotten a more negative reception than any of his past work. It still doesn’t have a distributor. Nobody wants to release it. It’s gotten a scathing critical response. People are mad at him for giving Bannon a platform, and they criticize him for treating Bannon with kid gloves. Well, I saw the film for myself. I’m a big fan of Morris’s work, but this film is… pretty bad!

Morris’s previous films in this vein all worked because each managed to get to the absolute core of its subject and expose the inherent contradiction or emptiness in their worldview. He was able to surgically dissect the subject and display their guts to the camera, without the subject even realizing it. You hear that the subject actually liked the documentary, and then you watch it and you think “how the hell do they not see that they look like a fucking maniac?” Because Morris gets the subject to open up so deeply that the subject looks at the film and sees a mirror, but the audience looks at it and sees right through them. Morris did not pull this off in American Dharma for a number of reasons.

First off, Morris inserts himself into this film in a way he never really had before. In his previous films, you’d occasionally hear his voice asking a question or prompting, but in this one you hear entire conversations between Morris and Bannon. Unlike his previous films, it’s often less the subject explaining themselves and more of an argument between political rivals. And when they argue, Morris just isn’t that good at it! He sometimes makes a good point (e.g. that all Bannon’s ‘economic populism’ is really in service of the wealthy), but then he lets Bannon give a typical dissembling response and drops it, moving on to the next subject.

Morris clearly does not understand Bannon at all. He comes off as totally out of touch with the political moment. At one point Morris tells Bannon “at times you remind me of Lucifer in Paradise Lost, that quote, ‘Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven’.” Bannon agrees and seems very happy with the comparison. During the director Q&A after the film, Morris talked about how outrageous it was that Bannon compared himself to the devil. He was like “typically when you interview someone, they don’t invite comparisons like that, they don’t want you to call them evil.” I was thinking “you fucking old out of touch liberal, have you never seen a Joker meme?”

Morris seemed to think that it was sufficient that he elicited a full description of Bannon’s shitty ideology and put it all on screen. He thought that the inherent contradictions and nihilism spoke for themselves. But anyone who’s been paying any attention already knows that it’s nihilistic and contradictory. That’s what fascism is. He never got Bannon to reveal anything private about himself. The guy was always totally comfortable, in his element. He’s a practiced bullshitter, and he spent the entire film bullshitting. I felt like Bannon was more in control of this film than Morris. And that’s a fucking depressing thought.


this is amazing

i watched this canadian tv documentary called malls r us also that has some interviews w people that compare religious architecture and symbolism with mall architecture

water, natural light, trees


for film fans and mall fans,

just learned that this 1988 sammo hung movie was filmed in the west edmonton mall, which was (for a time) the biggest mall in the world
(there are many bigger ones now though)

the channel of the second vid has lots of other videos on the history of this weird thing.

on a more personal note, this movie was filmed in edmonton where i live now, but in the movie it is supposed to be los angeles, where i used to live. i find this very implausible.


It’s Extremely Stupid but maybe the only movie where you can see two different Academy Award Winning Actors go head-to-head as two different variations of a Steven Seagal character at different Restraint Levels?

When they run around Portland and it’s endless “wait geography doesn’t work like that” I assume that’s what it’s like for people who are familiar with NYC or LA when watching movies just all the time.

The knife making thing is conceivable but it would take for fucking ever to get your scrap leaf-spring to workable temp without some kind of forced air. He’d be there all day between heats, getting barely anything out of each one with his awkward spring hammer and the makeshift anvil that doesn’t have any mass underneath it (should have found a big rock to lay it on, or just used a big flat rock?). On review the montage acts like it takes likes… an hour? No. He hasn’t even hit a thing with another thing by then.

They don’t account for how he cut the knife end off the rest of the spring. Probably a chisel made out of the end of another piece of spring, which would take more time and more heats, though I guess he could alternate one and the other if he was thinking ahead.

There’s a real danger of cracking when you quench spring steel with that thin a cross section in water, especially cold, running water. Especially if you’re way over critical temp, which he defo is if it’s that bright in fucking daylight! They don’t show him tempering it. Probably should have just done an edge quench and kept your fingers crossed, Benicio.

No matter how close to finished shape he forged he’d still be at the mercy of found, local abrasives to finish the edge which could take a very long time depending on what he found and the form they took and the specifics of his obviously shoddy heat treatment.

In conclusion it’s a strong character moment but it doesn’t happen like that and the cops have already found him by the sound of the “hammer” blows (and the smoke from the fire) within two heats. Should have just used whatever cut the keyhole slot in the bottom board he used for fire-starting (his teeth? his dick??) to make some sticks pointier and stabbed Tommy Lee Jones with them. :woman_shrugging:


Oh hey I know this mall.


Farocki is 100% my favourite filmmaker he blows my mind.


Polar’s entire conclusion is framed as a subplot up until they ran out of action. There’s a big ol’ shootout scene near Mad’s cabin that feels like a movie conclusion but it ends up being the end of the second act. There’s also a specific sequence afterward that I thought ‘they made this movie purely because they really liked this scene.’

When they revealed their source was a graphic novel I was not surprised.


i’m looking forward to it for tighten Mads but none of this is surprising me


I stuck with the movie purely on the basis of Mads.


the dragon ball movie is so hype, what the fuck


I always think we’re at peak Netflix then we get a Soderbergh Zazie Beetz vehicle out of nowhere