MUWT 2: The Quickening


Also, watched Mona Lisa Smile and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character definitely read as gay for the first part of the movie and then she wasn’t, which was disappointing, but the rest of the movie was Very Okay.


Thank you for keeping me from revisiting this movie, which I’d begun to think I needed to do. I had no distinct memory if it, but a lot came back to me as I was reading that and, well, I’m good now.

I do remember Sam Rockwell’s Zaphod being a fun W riff. That’s very 2005.


went to see it with a girlfriend for my birthday I think, we both walked out sour


Just doing my duty


One of the few movies I ever regretted theater hopping into.


The weird thing is that there are flashes of brilliance. The Vogons look incredible. The Vogon planet where they get slapped in the face for having original ideas is both hilarious and thankfully not pointed out to be “OHH so this is why Vogons are like they are!” They trust the audience to figure that out. Hell, everything to do with the Vogons is pretty great and I think the truest representation from the original works. They’re just bureaucrats following the rules, including “The president kidnapped himself, we must shoot the kidnapper to save the president.” That’s funny every time.

I don’t regret watching it a second time, and with a little distance from my youthful reverie of everything Douglas Adams touched, I can see it as its own object. But when you have worse treatment of the ONE WOMAN OF NOTE in your movie than the books, who only have two named women that I can think of (Trillian and Eccentra Galumbits the Triple-Breasted Whore from Eroticon Six) then you’re really falling down hard.


Its like they took trillian’s appearance in the radio series as the canonical one, ignoring that adams kept rewriting her in later versions to make her more interesting.


Yeah, there are occasionally OK things in the movie, which made the rest even more depressing. It was far from the worst movie I hopped to, but definitely one of the ones that left me feeling the most disappointed.


is hitchhiker’s guide the end of the era of directing music videos as a pipeline to directing feature films


She’s still more interesting in the radio series!!! it’s 5 steps backwards!!!

god i’m angry


it was all over for Trillian as soon as they cast Zooey Deschanel. she’s terrrrible.


The puppet aliens are so goddamn fucking good


I just saw Burning. I don’t know how I feel about it, except that I am so done with sad, disaffected, self-centered young loner dude protagonists who have problems with women. This movie was basically one form of toxic masculinity vs. another. The movie seemed aware of this at least, and I guess was commenting on it? But the one main lady character didn’t get much of any interiority, which made the whole thing feel gross. It was pretty miserable to sit through for a lot of it. It turns into a mystery thriller thing in the second half in a way that was mildly enjoyable though, and it had a pretty cool ending.

Good commentary on wealth disparity in South Korea too, I felt that the film was strongest when it was going hard on that theme.


Might I recommend Masahiro Shinoda’s Our Marriage. Same director as Flame On The Pier. It’s a film in which a woman has to choose between marrying her poor sweatheart or a well-to-do man in post war Japan. No one is a villian! It’s just a sweet little movie that as all post-war Japan films show, post war Japan fucking sucks. And it isn’t just a love versus money thing it is love and hungry versus having the base comforts in life guaranteed.


For better or for worse, now I can’t stop thinking about Burning. I think it crept up on me. One of those movies like Nocturama where I’m not really sure I liked it, but it really stuck in my brain.

Also I was reading critical takes on it online (which are pretty universally positive) and I was reminded of a crucial scene where a woman totally schools the main character on how South Korean society is terrible to women. Further evidence that the film knew what it was doing, even if it felt kinda dodgy at times.





Can love bloom during motion capture?


Hideo says YES