MUWT 2: The Quickening


“irritatingly professional and good” is the way i would describe every single bo burnham thing i’ve ever witnessed


I hate superheroes and superhero movies, but I went to see Into The Spider-verse yesterday and I actually liked it a whole lot. Miles Morales is a great protagonist, and I liked that they pulled the goofiest selection of alternate Spiders-man in for their multiverse premise. The animation is mindblowing.

I think “Into the Spider-verse” taken out of context has a lot of potential as a title. I’d like to see Michael Haneke or Paul Thomas Anderson run with it maybe.


I rewatched it and I still love it but

Oh my god I can’t believe Lord and Miller did the same fucking gag from The Lego Movie where the male and female leads are talking and the male lead is so enamored with the female lead that her lines cut out. What the absolute fuck




tom cruise to mcquarrie: you don’t get to just walk away


I’m on the verge of tears because neither has been confirmed as a Fast & Furious crossover


I’m an adult man who cried like a child at the end of Paddington 2.


I only watched half of it on a plane, does he finally get to eat Hugh Grant?


Yes, absolutely and Peter Capaldi as well.


glass is kind of interesting. it seemed like a big bummer at the time but the more I think about it the more I like it. it sets up a big superhero showdown, at some fancy large tower about to have some grand opening, has a chemical plant on several of it’s floors etc., and then… the characters never even make it there. never make it off the front lawn of the mental hospital. the final battle is mentally ill and disabled people getting assassinated and put down by cops (who have three leaf clover tattoos because they exist to wipe out deviations and abnormalities) but not before mr. glass gets his message out to the world/audience to stop letting them tell you you’re not exceptional and powerless, you have a place in this world etc.

Though I guess I’m also just the biggest sap for mediocre movies now too.

I also watched that antifa supersoldier robin hood movie a while back and it was an awfully made movie, bad in every way except it was explicitly pro revolution, pro cop killing, pro wealth redistribution, pro riots and molotovs, anti war, anti incrementalism, anti church, instead of merry men we have the more gender neutral term partisan raiders, the crusades are depicted war on terror like, squads clearing rooms with longbows, later the sheriff of nottingham gives a speech about how they hate us for our freedoms. I kind of thought it was exactly the kind of thing needed to be made, it just needed to be made better, instead of in the form of what felt like a pilot for a really dumb amazon tv series. the beginning of the end credits have a little animation that plays and at the end it displays a line from the movie “if not you then who, if not now then when” but everybody else had got up and left by then, even the old people.


a merry man

a partisan raider



i can’t write my own review because i only have a 360p mp4 of it


the best Vincent Gallo takedown is still 2 Days in New York


They screened Demonlover at the Harvard Film Archive last year as part of a very cool series on films about the early internet. Sadly, I didn’t make it to that one. But I did have a great time with Kairo (AKA Pulse) and Chris Marker’s very weird documentary Level 5.


gonna start a letterboxd i think, my goal for 19 is to read more and watch more movies


oh yeah something I really hated about robin hood though was while robin is undercover and getting in good with the sheriff, the sheriff confesses his history of abuse as a boy at the hands of the church and later robin tries to put that it information to use in a one liner right before he kills him at the end. no. wrong. that’s not the code robin.


I’ve largely stopped watching movies outside of things i’m half paying attention to in anime club, but a few nights ago I watched The Night of the Hunter and boy does it live up to the hype.

It’s a hard world for little things.


Mitchum is the best


I just watched Terms of Endearment, knowing nothing about it (sometimes extremely good and well observed and sometimes it’s like Movie: The Movie; James L Brooks loves moving his people around but this isn’t the structure for it) but when it got to the end turn and she starts talking to her kids I realized this was Space Ghost’s “I’m dying” speech word for word and I just lost it

“Be nice to the girls because they’re gonna be real important to you”

even as I cried a bit

I finally get that music joke too, Brooks is like a soap opera with the music cues. You can see it in The Simpsons sometimes


I watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie again for the first time in like 8 years and let me tell you

I was mad

The movie itself is as expected: frantic, poorly structured, generally just a series of strange jokes barely connected by consistent characters. So, standard Douglas Adams fare, although it certainly works better in every other format it’s been in. The movie never knows when to slow down and take a detour into a weird non-sequitur for pacing reasons, which is the brilliance of the radio show, tv show, book, etc.


I forgot how much they changed Trillian. Instead of being an astrophysicist who left with Zaphod because she was bored, NOW she’s a dream-seeking traveler who wants Arthur to go to Madagascar with her within the first hour of knowing him, which is a TERRIBLE IDEA for personal safety, and when he doesn’t go she sees it as a personal failing because he’s not ADVENTUROUS ENOUGH but really this whole structure is to try and show how Arthur needs to get out of his box, so yes the pixie girl trope returns and it’s infuriating. She also has, like, no personality. She’s much more sarcastic and active in the books/shows than she is in the film. In the film she’s just, like…the grounded character.



But for fuck’s sake Arthur is godawful in this movie. I mean, he’s always godawful, but in a fun, pathetic, extremely British way.

But Martin Freeman plays him as an angry, put-upon, whining, entitled piece of shit who learns nothing and still somehow “gets the girl.” And if the arc was supposed to be Arthur getting braver and more adventurous…well, really he just gets more entitled and whiny so yeah.

I sort of hate Martin Freeman.

Anyway, Sam Rockwell as Zaphod is pretty great and he’s just George W. Bush on some sort of amphetamines, and it works okay. I prefer the radio guy.

Alan Rickman is the best part of the movie as Marvin, of course. Here to save the day again.

Mos Def plays Ford pretty dang well, but Ford’s character is never really given any time to be anything more than a shepherd for Arthur and a bystander for Trillian and Zaphod.

The point-of-view gun is such a Douglas Adams touch, and I do love it. But then Trillian saying “It won’t work on me, I’m already a woman” is just so borrrring and bad.

Anyway, I hated this movie except when it was really clever, which was sometimes.