MUWT 2: The Quickening


i just want to say i agree with every word of this post and i want to be best moviebuds with you


I have watched the axe construction scene in Mandy and only the axe construction scene in Mandy (I am trying to stay away from movies with certain theming of late for reasons)

We open with a kiln, on it a running gas burner.

We then cut to an already-glowing crucible in tongs which Cage sets on a solid fuel fire as if the solid fuel fire is the thing that’s going to melt what is within the glowing crucible, even though the crucible is already glowing with immense heat and also we just had a shot of a gas kiln seemingly to establish The Meltening.

He then pours a silver metal into a large, open, rough sand mold. This is definitely not steel. I would wager aluminum?

He quenches the weird misshapen aluminum lump that results. The water goes hissss.

We are then treated to a nonsensical shot of a (presumably gas) burner flame being applied to this weird lumpen thing in the open air, before cutting to it being removed from a solid fuel forge fire and placed on an anvil face that clearly has not actually been used in a very long time, and which not even the most desperate of motherfuckers would use without dressing those edges!

Brief forging, just to have forging. Close-up shot reveals a probable cold-shut?!

Brief angle-grinder.

…and it’s done!

So yeah I don’t know how he uses it in the movie. I guess it would make for v. fancy and awkward club. It wouldn’t cut! Or if he managed to put an edge on it, it would blunt the second it encountered anything hard, because it’s made out of aluminum at best. He would have been better off sharpening a car spring.

Saved a lot of work and fuel too.

This has been my evaluation of the axe construction in MANDY (2018)


i did it.
i watched gotti.
it’s like the asylum made goodfellas. it’s the result of forcing a bot to watch 1000 hours of mob movies. it’s what nYC guido voice would direct.



Just came here to post that, looks legit


Aquaman was… Okay

Parts of it were pretty, glad to see some more color in the DC universe

Pacing wasn’t great, and I couldn’t begin to care about uh, any of the characters

Some cool creatures showed up, especially at the end

I feel like the movie had trouble because it was an awkward cross between golden age off the wall stuff and modern superhero movie expectations. Like, you have all this serious going to war treacherous unforgiving Atlantean intensity so that some guy can become… OCEAN MASTER


I seen that Spider-Man and I loved it and it’s my favorite movie of the year, but ugh, it’s kind of disappointing that Gwen has to be the stock female character for kid’s movies with a male lead. Cool, composed, together, mentor-y, occasional goofiness. They showed a trailer for the new How to Train Your Dragon and god you could swap her with Astrid and no one would tell the difference.


welcome to marwen is like the disney channel version of what the sonichu movie will be


rip ringo lam


Today I read that Robert Deniro was originally casted for the Tom Hanks role in Big but dropped out due to a salary dispute. What could have been. Truly we live in a fallen world.


I know Goodfellas is incredibly popular with critics these days but I just reminded myself that Scorsese never made a better movie than After Hours


THANK YOU, After Hours is the best movie and nobody ever mentions it.


I have a half finished essay from years ago that relates After Hours and Dog Days.


king of comedy!!!

i gotta watch after hours


I can’t believe how good Sandra Bernhard is in King of Comedy, I had never understood her from seeing her in Roseanne and around


I keep meaning to take a picture of the hair salon that has her picture.


Thanks for the rec; that was a ride!


The Favourite is the best episode of Blackadder ever


yes mg

have we talked about it here yet? it’s incredible


I’m really hoping the final dissolve was a deliberate Woody Allen Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex reference for some reason