MUWT 2: The Quickening


I found a tape of that in a snowdrift while I was waiting for the bus when I was 12 and for my entire life since I’ve suspected someone planted it there



i have resisted making a number of shitposts to ease myself back into Forum Life but i do want to just briefly point out that

If Beale Street Could Talk is not as good as Moonlight, but it’s still miraculous and 100% worth seeing

It feels like more its own “thing” and less like WKW Idolatry, though… it’s also that

The type of movie that could either have been 4 hrs long or have prompted the director to just do nothing but make this movie over and over again the rest of his career, and it would still be fine, but it’s better because you know neither of things are true



I made my friend take me Into The Spider-Verse for my birthday.

Glad to be assured that the anime was making a new gobot


how dare you




shrug you might be interested in Bumblebee then, where the dominant transforming robot toy/cartoon/comic franchise are the Go-Bots


get thee behind me :twisted:


I went to a screening of Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev, a 3.5 hour film about a 15th century icon painter and the history of Christianity in Russia. I adore Tarkovsky, but that subject matter is really not my wheelhouse, so it took me a while to get into the groove of it. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it a lot. There was a really interesting depiction of pagan rituals in the woods that basically went full Wicker Man for 15 minutes, so that was a definite highlight.

I was also totally captivated by an extended side story about a young adolescent whose famous bell-smithing father had just died of the plague. The prince wanted a huge new silver bell to be cast for his new cathedral, and this kid needed to escape his plague-stricken destroyed town, so he bluffed that his father had taught him “the secret of bell making” and then spent months pretending to know what the fuck he was doing as he led an entire team, with the threat of flaying or beheading if the finished bell failed to ring. Very relatable hashtag millennial content. What can I say, Tarkovsky had range.


Currently thinking @shrug would probably love that movie, and also wondering if @shrug has ever forged a bell.


the bell section fucken owns yeah. also the frescoes reveal was like wow


I refuse to believe, with the untold amounts of man-hours and money dumped into Aquaman, that no one could think of a better title for ruler of the combined kingdoms of the sea than “Ocean Master”

the concept of Ocean Master being introduced with sinister bass music was also the best joke the movie had

what do you mean it wasn’t supposed to be funny


if you told me a year or even 6 months ago that the best big dumb studio film coming out in December was going to be Spider-verse I would have laughed and then also discussed my plans to get extremely drunk and see Alita: Battle Angel


Nobody could forsee that Bumblebee would be kinda unremarkable due to it being a decent flick, nor even guess that Peter Jacksons Howls Moving Cities would tank so quickly, so… yeah.
If you don’t like Madmoiselle Poppins, there’s only ze Ozean M@ster (btw i cry when i watch DC Flixxx) for taking it to the Spider!


Andrei Rublev is the one Tarkovsky I’ve never caught! One of those always-meant-to-things.

I have never made a bell. I have a thai temple bell my mother bought hanging up under my forge roof though?


I rewatched the first two Hangover movies.
The first one has more jokes.
I still like the second one better. I like the soundtrack and the setting.
This went over my head;

I didn’t know Allentown was a Billy Joel song


It’s actually about Bethlehem though


a divided person is no way to be and I think it would be best if joel kinnaman and alexander skarsgard merge and become whole once again


holy goddamn Eighth Grade is such a fucking good movie that it’s shocking that it’s Bo Durnham’s first feature, it’s so damn confidently directed and tightly made that it makes me angry


I’ve been the forum’s biggest Bo Burnham stan from time immemorial, y’all sleep on this dude imo