MUWT 2: The Quickening


And in six years, nonetheless, holy shit. I’ve never heard of them before, but have seen a few of their movies, and have way more on my list to catch if they hit prime/netflix when i get arouns to renew my subscription.

But. Re: Distribution.
Why the hell has Climax and Silver lake started in the same week, the latter is already gone from cinemas here, have to check whether i can still catch Climax!


Some things are beyond the pale, Felix.

I mean Rosario Dawson is kee-yute! but even she can’t save that one


From this list it’s:

  • Chi-Raq: well somebody’s gotta fund Spike Lee
  • Neon Demon: heck yeah
  • The Handmaiden: excellent
  • Manchester by the Sea: excellent
  • Lost City of Z: I have a thing for Aguirrelikes
  • You Were Never Really Here: rock hard


Paterson & Wiener Dog are fantastic


Wiener Dog disappointed me, I was so excited about the cast and I found it too bleak even for Solondz


Fair though I wouldn’t have it any other way


i watched CAM with the gf last night after she said she’d seen it playing in a room but not really given it attention

some parts of it made me uncomfortable in really good ways and i loved how the movie was about sex and sex work but mostly stuck to like really i dunno

erotic? set design mishmashed with close uncomfortable dirty places and the movie went in a decidedly less supernatural direction than i initially thought it would

that was just after watching SPIDER-MAN: welcome to the spiderverse. i got all versed in different spiders and the movie is kind of beautiful in a dozen different ways in every scene

from the way the lighting is rendered to look like dot-matrix comic book printing to the subtle nod of mile’s costume being graffiti over the dead peter parkers to our 616 universe spidermans belly hanging out through the whole movie until he’s not a shitheel anymore to the fact that there’s a recurring joke about spiderman noir literally seeing the world in black and white


Spiderverse was great!!

It was weird to hear someone else get called Miles for 2 hours!


You’re only the second Miles I’ve ever met, it’s true. (A distant cousin, years ago, on a trip to a Great Uncle’s place in Maine)


the only other miles I knew was in grade 7 and his mom decided to move to switzerland after 9/11


miles away then, huh?

i regret nothing, i had to make that bad pun, and would do it again.


The worst part about being named Miles is that the jokes about my name are very, very tired

(what I’m saying is: being named Miles is awesome)


If you ever pass a kidney stone please keep it, and look back upon that milestone forever





The first good Miles joke I’ve ever heard!!


man i saw it with a friend while the election was happening and i think that was a mistake because we were like “great movie!” looks at phone instantly becomes sad and depressed


anyways the handmaiden is one of the greatest films of all time because it has a lesbian sex scene where the girls do this while scissoring or something



Recently watched mandy, valhalla rising, ghost dog, and the wind rises.

Mandy kind of sucks but I didn’t actively hate it, idk I’d give it a lot more leeway if any of the action in it actually banged but it really doesn’t. The chainsaw duel is really underwhelming! I can only imagine that the metallurgical processes depicted in mandy would make for a less than ideal weapon for killing jesus freaks. I refuse to engage with the is mandy metal or not debate because either way, that’s what they want.

Valhalla rising didn’t click for me, I’ll probably really get into it when I have the urge to watch it five years from now. Oh also there’s a great inverview w/ nicholas winding refn where he says that mads mikkelson in valhalla rising, ryan gosling in drive, and vithaya pansringarm in only god forgives are playing reincarnations of the same immortal avatar of violence or something like that, idk. I don’t feel like finding the link right this second but it’s a good interview.

I love ghost dog way of the samurai. Forest whitaker is so tender and badass. I probably like it more than le samourai or branded to kill, not that it’s a competition. Definitely need to watch the limits of control soon.

The wind rises is good because it has tons of cigarette smoking.

I also felt the compulsion to rewatch happy together and that is a movie that knows how to make me miserable. So much smoking in that though. Idk I was telling my crush I want to go to taiwan. Tony leung has extremely hairy nipples. You can see them in hero as well.


The Handmaiden owns


I spaced out the first time I was watching it (I know, I know) and snapped back to reality during this sex scene and it seemed really funny to me as a result