MUWT 2: The Quickening


that’s not a huge loss, Amazon doesn’t have much movie output to begin with and their releases indicate they’re pretty picky about what they will produce and they usually pick right

also they’re not buying up discarded studio garbage or constantly aiming at, uh, more accepting demographics


I don’t know that I’ve watched a single thing on prime video for more than one episode that wasn’t British and I am not the world’s biggest British TV fan

I’m not aware of anything they’ve produced that’s anywhere near as good as whatever amount they pay into fleabag, catastrophe, etc


come to think about it they may only have distribution rights to those in Canada? I know Netflix distributes like, everything outside of North America


The optics of playing in 3 or 4 theaters for a week vs. a “real” theatrical release aren’t nothing.


I’m thinking movies:

That’s an Annapurna/A24-like record these past few years. A lot of these are ‘co-distributed’, so I don’t know what portion of monies they were putting up, but this is good stuff


I can attest that the co-distro stuff indicates who has all the non-streaming rights (when we did a preview screening of The Big Sick, it was Lionsgate engineers we dealt with in terms of okaying the picture and sound, whereas Beautiful Boy had someone hired independently by Amazon)


which of those are your favourites? From reviewing the list I disliked or avoided almost all of them


it’s me

I am the bad person here who liked Manchester by the Sea and The Big Sick

I also really, really dug Paterson and liked of what I saw of Last Flag Flying


if it’s any consolation I didn’t see the big sick on the basis of having read the new yorker profile of nanjiani when it was in production and saying to myself “another nakedly autobiographical and earnest film production from a male comic?” Pffffft!

which is not better


I thought The Big Sick was very likable! Haven’t seen those moody New England boys yet, though.


kevin smith sucks


I think there’s a strong case to be made that every single Kevin Smith movie is worse than the last


The Neon Demon took me about a year to fully process. It’s great but definitely not for everyone.


Zack & Miri Make a Porno is cuter than shit like Chasing Amy.

I never saw nothing he made after that though. I guess I’ve heard these titles before? But I haven’t heard a single thing about them positive or negative, which probably says everything I need to know


yeah I have a soft spot for clerks 2 even


Seeing Neon Demon in an empty theater in the outer ring burbs of Clevo with a giant loud thumping stereo was a peak booji experience.


zack and miri make a porno is a judd apatow tribute thats why its good


You Were Never Really Here owns


The Handmaiden fucking rules. I saw it the day after the 2016 election and it made me feel like I could still expect great things from the world even at a moment of despair.


I definitely would not compare Amazon’s hit rate to A24’s though. No distributor in the past 20 years can match the streak those guys have been on.